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Signing a Teaching Contract in China – 8 Red Flags to Know!

About to sign your teaching contract for China? Read this to see what red flags to ask about and when to abandon a job all together.

How Much Can You Make Teaching in China: A Look at School Salaries

Want to know the average salaries for teachers in China? We look at the different types of schools and what they pay according to their city and location.

Understanding the Z Visa Process for Teachers in China

The visa process for teachers in China is complicated – this guide explains what you need, how to apply, and what your school should help you with.
china arrival tips

You’re Headed to China to Teach English – What Happens Next?

6 tips on how to prepare for teaching in China from a former teacher – start preparing now!

Understanding the Requirements to Teach in China Legally

A look at all the teaching English in China requirements, what each means, and what you need to fulfill them and start teaching.
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My Family’s Journey to China: Our Motivation, Challenges, Conflicts and Misconceptions

A dad describes his decision to bring his entire family to China, including the challenges they faced from family and why they were interested in the first place.
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Should You Get Your Teacher’s Certification While Teaching Abroad?

Want to boost your salary or improve your teaching skills? Here’s how one teacher got his certification while teaching abroad in China.

3 Reasons Why It’s Exciting to Be an EFL Teacher: Tips from a Teacher in Beijing

3 tips from a current teacher in Beijing on how to keep teaching exciting – perfect for new teachers or those looking to add excitement back into the job.
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40 Years After Normalization: A Review of Memoirs by American Teachers in China

Teacher Jim Hill recounts his first time in China and how things have changed for English teachers over the past 40 years.
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Moving to China to Teach: 5 Tips to Consider Before You Go

5 great tips from author and former teacher Josh Summers on how to best prepare for your move to China as an English teacher.
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Transferring Money from China: Your Options Explained

Sending money home from China doesn’t have to be complicated – here are your best options for keeping as much of your money as possible.
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Teaching in China as a Primary School Teacher: What It’s Really Like

Curious what China is *really* like for a teacher? Read this first-hand account from a primary school teacher in Shenzhen, China.
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China Teachers: Here’s How to Link Wechat and Your Bank Card

Wechat might be one of the greatest apps ever and it can make your time in China much easier – here is how to link it with your bank in order to make payments easier in the mainland.
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Teaching English in Beijing: A Current Teacher Shares Her Experience

Thinking about teaching English in Beijing – here are some tips from a current teacher on why she chose Beijing, what she likes about the city and what her average day is like!
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Teacher Interview: Pros and Cons of Teaching for EF in China

Thinking about working for EF? Here’s a short interview on what one teacher liked and didn’t like about teaching for the company in China.

What Is a Chinese Training Center and Should You Work at One?

Training centers are everywhere in China and are hiring teachers by the boatload – here’s what you need to know about their schedule and pay before taking a job at one.
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What It’s Like to Teach English in Beijing – A Teacher’s Account

Thinking about teaching in Beijing? Here’s what one former teacher had to say about the city, salary, and preparing for arrival.