How to Teach English Online in 2018

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[Teaching online] gives teachers the opportunity to work from almost anywhere in the world. My main reason why I work [online] is because it gives me flexibility in my schedule and to work from home.


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About Teaching English Online

For people looking for information on how to teach English online, the process can often be intimidating.  There are seemingly countless online teaching jobs out there with different rates of pay, requirements, and students.  While many schools and jobs are straightforward, we have received more than a few messages complaining about how the details seem to change from one job to the next.

With this in mind, we have done our best to create a comprehensive list of information on how to teach English online with a detailed look at everything from the most popular companies to which headset is the best.


PS: If you’re interested in teaching in a foreign country, you can view our guides to teaching abroad here.

Popular Online Teaching Companies

VIPKID: A Guide to Getting Hired

VIPKID is one of the leading online teaching companies out there – use this guide to help you get hired.

DadaABC: A Guide to Getting Hired

Want to know how to land an online teaching job with Dada?  Here’s information on their requirements, salary, and interview process.

Magic Ears: A Guide to Getting Hired

Explore what Magic Ears requires to get hired and what they pay in this comprehensive guide.

51Talk: A Guide to Getting Hired

Traded publicly on the NYSE, 51Talk is extremely reputable when it comes to online teaching jobs – here’s how to get hired.

FAQs on How to Teach English Online

Can You Teach English Online without a Degree?

Explore whether you can easily teach English online and how to go about finding a job.

Other Information on How to Teach English Online

How to Start Teaching Online Courses

There are numerous ways to start teaching online – here’s a breakdown of some of the best places to start teaching online courses.

How to Become an Online Teacher

Wondering what an online teacher is an how to become one?  This post takes you through the details.

Online English Teaching Interviews & Experiences

Standing Out in the DaDaABC Hiring Process

Jason explains how he stood out during the Dada interview process and explains what they are looking for in their online teachers.

What It's Like to Teach Online with Magic Ears

Carly breaks down what she loves about teaching online for Magic Ears.

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