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best whiteboards

The 9 Best Whiteboards for Your Classroom or Office

Looking to take your lessons to the next level? Check out the 9 best whiteboards to classrooms & offices to find the perfect option for your space.
time saving tips

9 Time Saving Tips to Help Lighten Your Load as a Teacher

Need more time in your teaching schedule? Check out these 9 time saving tips that you can start using immediately.
standby activity

3 Standby Activities for When You’ve Drawn a Blank in Class

Lose your train of thought in class? Use these 3 activities to bring the lesson back, regain control, and have some fun doing it.

Teacher Review: The Pros & Cons of Teaching for Magic Ears

Teacher Jenica shares her thoughts on teaching for Magic Ears for the past 2 years – see what she loves and thinks you need to be prepared for!
become an online teacher

Discounted (and Cheap) TEFL Courses & Certificates for 2019

Looking for a cheap TEFL course? Check out our list of current discounts and coupons to see what’s on sale for 2019.
Find jobs in Italy

How to Find English Teaching Jobs in Italy & When to Apply

Find out how to apply for English teaching jobs in Italy, what the application process looks like and where to find jobs.