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All of our blog posts provide an in-depth look into the lives, experiences, and common questions surrounding teaching abroad.


The Complete Guide to the GEPIK Program in South Korea

A breakdown of everything you need to know about teaching on the GEPIK program, including the requirements, pay and application process.
SMOE Korea

The Complete Guide to the SMOE Program in South Korea

The essential guide to teaching for the SMOE program in Korea. Everything you need to know, including the requirements, application process and salary.
talk program korea

The Complete Guide to the TaLK Program in South Korea

Wanting to teach on the TALK program? This guide gives you all the essentials, including how to apply, the requirements, pay and perks.
teach in bogota

Teaching English in Bogota: Pros, Cons, & My Experience

A teacher gives a first-hand account of the pros and cons of teaching English in Bogota, Colombia – see what her day to day was like!
best easels

9 of the Best Easels for Your Classroom or Studio

Shopping for an easel for your classroom or home? Here are our 9 favorites for artists, students, and hobbyists, broken out by features and price.
epik program guide

The Complete Guide to the EPIK Program in South Korea

Looking to teach on the EPIK program? This guide breaks down the essential information including the requirements, application process, pay and perks.