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All of our blog posts provide an in-depth look into the lives, experiences, and common questions surrounding teaching abroad.

How Much Can You Make Teaching in China: A Look at School Salaries

Want to know the average salaries for teachers in China? We look at the different types of schools and what they pay according to their city and location.

Understanding the Z Visa Process for Teachers in China

The visa process for teachers in China is complicated – this guide explains what you need, how to apply, and what your school should help you with.
china arrival tips

You’re Headed to China to Teach English – What Happens Next?

6 tips on how to prepare for teaching in China from a former teacher – start preparing now!
vipkid props

9 VIPKID Props to Take Your Classroom to the Next Level

Get more bookings and better feedback by using props – here are 9 props we love for VIPKID teachers.

Understanding the Requirements to Teach in China Legally

A look at all the teaching English in China requirements, what each means, and what you need to fulfill them and start teaching.

How to Pass Your VIPKID Mock Class the First Time

The VIPKID mock class lasts 25 minutes. After choosing which level you’d like to get certified on, you’ll have to prepare two sets of slides and deliver a 10-minute class to a recruiter.