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All of our blog posts provide an in-depth look into the lives, experiences, and common questions surrounding teaching abroad.

transfer money from china

Transferring Money from China: Your Options Explained

Sending money home from China doesn’t have to be complicated – here are your best options for keeping as much of your money as possible.
esl challenges

Overcoming 2 of the Most Common ESL Teaching Challenges

Worried about your huge class size or dodgy technology? Teacher Julia looks at how to overcome these common challenges in your classroom.
online student engagement

Teaching in China as a Primary School Teacher: What It’s Really Like

Curious what China is *really* like for a teacher? Read this first-hand account from a primary school teacher in Shenzhen, China.

VIPKid Just Turned 5 – Here’s What They Have Planned for the Future

Can you believe VIPKid is 5 years old? Current teacher Luis walks us through how they celebrated, their history, and what they have planned for the future.
getting off campus

Creating a Life Off Campus: Get More from Your Teaching Experience

Advice from Todd Squitieri on making the most of your time abroad by getting off campus, chasing experiences, and interacting with your community.
Template Sections lesson plan

64 Free ESL Lesson Plans and Templates

Planning lessons is hard – here are 51 free ESL lesson plans and templates to use in your next class or as inspiration for your next lesson.

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