The Future of Technology and Education

See what the future of education looks like through the eyes of technology in the time of COVID – a look at trends, tools, and tips.

6 Options to Teach English Online as a South African

Looking for online companies that will hire South Africans? Here are 6 options with their requirements.

Teaching IELTS: Understanding the Test & Planning Classes

Interested in teaching IELTS? Here’s an overview of the test + tips on how to structure your classes.
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Where Can You Teach English Without a Degree?

It’s not impossible to teach abroad without a degree – here’s a breakdown of where to start your search and what to expect.

Signing a Teaching Contract in China – 8 Red Flags to Know!

About to sign your teaching contract for China? Read this to see what red flags to ask about and when to abandon a job all together.

How Much Can You Make Teaching in China: A Look at School Salaries

Want to know the average salaries for teachers in China? We look at the different types of schools and what they pay according to their city and location.
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You’re Headed to China to Teach English – What Happens Next?

6 tips on how to prepare for teaching in China from a former teacher – start preparing now!
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9 VIPKID Props to Take Your Classroom to the Next Level

Get more bookings and better feedback by using props – here are 9 props we love for VIPKID teachers.

Understanding the Requirements to Teach in China Legally

A look at all the teaching English in China requirements, what each means, and what you need to fulfill them and start teaching.

How to Pass Your VIPKID Mock Class the First Time

The VIPKID mock class lasts 25 minutes. After choosing which level you’d like to get certified on, you’ll have to prepare two sets of slides and deliver a 10-minute class to a recruiter.
vidkid demo class

How to Pass Your VIPKID Demo Lesson the First Time

The demo class is a crucial step in the VIPKID interview process. Here’s all you need to know about it as well as plenty of tips to pass it with flying colors.
better online classroom

How to Set Your VIPKID Classroom Up for Success

A breakdown of the props, lighting, and equipment you need for your VIPKid classroom setup to really standout + a few teachers to use as examples.

GoGoKid vs. VIPKid ⁠— Which Should You Work For?

Looking for an online English teaching job? Find the best company with the help of this GoGoKid vs VIPKid comparison
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9 TED Talks on Teaching Worth Watching + Why We Love Them

Here are some of the best TED Talks for educators and teachers that will make you rethink the way you teach, help you motivate your students and get inspired.

91 English Pronunciation Exercises and Resources for ESL Teachers

A great collection of pronunciation resources for your ESL classroom. Find free exercises, worksheets, activities and videos to make teaching English pronunciation easy!
Comprehensible Input

Comprehensible Input: The Key to Language-Learning Success

Every student wants to speak a language fluently. Acquiring a language through comprehensible input will help your students reach that goal much faster.

11 Companies Where You Can Teach English Online without a Degree

Unsure if you can teach English online without a degree? Rest easy because it’s not only possible, it’s quite common. Here’s how to start.