Can You Teach in Taiwan without a TEFL certification?


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Taiwan is a hotbed for teaching abroad and it’s important those interested in giving it a try understand how to do so legally.  There are numerous requirements (see our guide to teaching in Taiwan for a full list) applicants must meet in order to be able to start work and this post will cover whether you can teach in Taiwan without a TEFL or not.

What is a TEFL Certification?

“TEFL” represents Teaching English as a Foreign Language, or in plain terms English language instruction for non-native speakers. The names are many but one thing that is constant is the importance of TEFL as a global standard for evaluating English language teachers abroad.

The TEFL certification shows employers abroad that you are a competent English language teacher with an understanding of the classroom and executing a lesson. TEFL certificate programs help you meet the TEFL requirement for most teaching jobs overseas while also helping you gain helpful teaching resources and techniques that you can build your career on.

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Do I need a TEFL certification to teach in Taiwan?

Simply put, the Taiwanese government requires anyone without a 4-year degree to have a TEFL certificate. If you do not have a degree (or only have a two-year degree), then a certification is necessary to get a legal job.

To teach in Taiwan, you also need to have a passport that shows that you are a native of an English-speaking country and a clean criminal background check. Prior teaching experience is also important but not mandatory. Once you have these requirements, you are ready to begin looking for work as a teacher in Taiwan.

Why should you get TEFL certified?

First and foremost, you need a TEFL certification in order to be eligible for good-paying teaching appointments. It may cost you some money to get certified but it greatly increases your attractiveness and bargaining power with prospective employers.

Undergoing a TEFL certification empowers you to become a more effective teacher to your students. The program is designed to help you be more confident in the class and also be adaptable to the needs of each student.

Teaching in a buxiban in Taiwan or cram school can be very hectic with a large number of restless children. Your TEFL training equips you with important instructional and class management techniques that will help you to effectively control your classroom. 

Wrapping Up

Getting a TEFL certification is a great way to prepare for the new experience of teaching English in Taiwan. It’s also important to have as most of the reputable cram schools may be unable to employ you if you do not have an internationally accredited TEFL certification.

Our advice is to get to know all the requirements before you decide to go to Taiwan to teach English. Be certain that you actually have a passion for teaching and then go out and live your dreams in Taiwan.


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