Teaching English in Korea: Everything You Need to Know

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As a couple, we were able to save $40,000 by living abroad and working at a hagwon in Seoul and only living off of one paycheck.


Founder, Bobo and ChiChi

About Teaching in Korea

Korea is often recognized as the most popular destinations to teach overseas for good reason – the pay is above average, the benefits can be great (can you say “free flight”?) and there are ample opportunities for both new experienced teachers.

Korea was my first stop as an ESL teacher nearly a decade ago – I remember arriving in Seoul back in 2008 and being elated.  It was not my first time abroad but teaching English in Korea would be my first time living in another country.  What followed was an incredible 12 months filled with experiences that continue to influence my life nearly 10 years later (want to read the rest of my story about working in a hagwon?  Click here.)

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The Requirements to Teach in Korea

Explore the requirements to teach English legally in Korea.

How Much Can You Make Teaching in Korea?

See what you can expect as a salary as a teacher in Korea.

What Is the Visa Process for Teachers in Korea?

Learn the E2 visa process needed to work in Korea.

FAQs & Popular Content About Teaching in Korea

Can You Teach in Korea with a Criminal Record?

It’s very difficult to teach in Korea with a criminal record – here’s why.

Can You Teach in Korea without a degree?

You will almost always need a degree to teach legally in Korea – read the details here.

What Is a Hagwon and Should You Work at One?

Hagwons are the most popular schools in Korea – here’s what you need to know.

My Experience Teaching at a Hagwon in Korea

I taught at a Hagwon in Korea – here is a recap of my experience.

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