Teaching English in Japan: Everything You Need to Know

About Teaching in Japan

Japan is an incredible place to live and work.

Every year the thousands of people who teach English in Japan and are immersed in one of the most culturally-rich countries on earth, afforded highly competitive salaries and benefits, and surrounded by some of the most striking cities and landscapes in Asia.

The best part is that in addition to having one of the most appealing ESL environments in the world, Japan also has an extremely low barrier to entry for interested teachers.  While some veterans might claim that teachers had it better a decade ago, the truth is that there are ample job opportunities that allow educators to experience life on this island nation for a year or more.

From Tokyo to Nara, nearly anyone you speak to that’s teaching English in Japan will have something positive to say.  Some consider Japan the experience of a lifetime while others are simply stopping by for a year contract, but what they all seem to agree on is that Japan is one of the most unique places to teach in the world.

FAQs About Living and Teaching in Japan

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