Advertise with ESL Authority

Targeted Placement

We designed ESL Authority so that your ads reach exactly who they’re intended for.  Easily advertise to every user or just those who visit specific sections like Teach Online or Teach in China.  Newsletter sponsorship is also available.

Targeted ESL Ads

Rotating Ads

Want to display a group of ads or test to see which performs the best?  No problem.

It’s even possible to show one ad more than others based on preference or performance – just let us know.

Targeted ESL Ads

Custom Reporting

Monitor how your ads are doing with monthly reports (or more frequently if needed).  We’ve made it easy to see how many impressions and clicks you’re getting so that you can optimize your ads if needed.

Targeted ESL Ads

Responsive Visibility

Mobile traffic continues to grow and every ad that goes live on our site must be optimized to show on both desktop and mobile devices.  Responsive ads ensure that they get seen regardless of user or browser and make it less likely that they will be ‘dropped’ due to a specific screen size.

Don’t know how to configure your ad for mobile?  Just ask us – we’re happy to help.

Targeted ESL Ads

Flexible Solutions and Plans

We’ve made ESL advertising easier than ever – choose from a variety of ad locations, sizes, and durations designed to help any company reach their goals.  This flexibility allows you to put ads where you want them, show them to targeted users, and only run them for as long as you need without the need to purchase required packages.

Targeted ESL Ads

Ready to place an ad?  Contact us to learn about availability and rates.