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ESL Teaching Tips & Materials

Creative Ways to Teach Your ESL Kids to Read img 1

4 Creative ESL Reading Tips to Help Your Students

Struggling to to teach your ESL students how to read? Here are 4 exercises that will make it easier & more fun for everyone.
time saving tips

9 Time Saving Tips to Help Lighten Your Load as a Teacher

Need more time in your teaching schedule? Check out these 9 time saving tips that you can start using immediately.
standby activity

3 Standby Activities for When You’ve Drawn a Blank in Class

Lose your train of thought in class? Use these 3 activities to bring the lesson back, regain control, and have some fun doing it.
volunteer esl teaching

How Volunteering as an ESL Teacher Serves Everyone

Thinking about volunteering as an ESL teacher? Here are some great reasons why you should as well as some tips on getting started.
esl challenges

Overcoming 2 of the Most Common ESL Teaching Challenges

Worried about your huge class size or dodgy technology? Teacher Julia looks at how to overcome these common challenges in your classroom.
getting off campus

Creating a Life Off Campus: Get More from Your Teaching Experience

Advice from Todd Squitieri on making the most of your time abroad by getting off campus, chasing experiences, and interacting with your community.
lesson plan template

How to Put Together an Awesome Lesson Plan Template

Stuck on lesson planning? Here’s how to create your own lesson plan template using a variety of styles so you can reduce your work and improve your lessons.

How to Speed Through a TESOL Degree Program and Get into a Classroom Sooner

TESOL master’s programs go much more smoothly if you prepare for them – here are some tips to ensure the process goes by quickly.
teach phonics

5 Activities to Help You Teach Phonics & Improve Your Lessons

Phonics can be hard to teach even with native speakers – here are 5 activities to help improve your lessons no matter the age or level of your students.
teach vocabulary

6 Fun Ways to Teach Vocabulary to Your English Students

Explore 6 awesome ways to teach vocabulary to your students regardless of experience or level!
esl teaching tips

15 ESL Teaching Tips for New Teachers

View our list of 15 ESL teaching tips for new teachers if you’re looking to get into teaching English or just improve your current experience.
teaching may must can

Tips and Activities for Teaching ‘Can’, ‘May’, and ‘Must’ in Everyday English

Teaching words that behave differently depending on context is difficult – here are a few tips to improve your lessons when it comes to teaching can, may, and must.
esl songs

45 Free ESL Songs for Teaching English (Including Supporting Activities!)

What a wonderful teacher music can be! We’ve put together 40+ free ESL songs with activities designed to make any lesson better!
teaching verbs

Teaching Verbs: 5 Activities to Improve Your ESL Lessons

Teaching verbs can be hard, especially if your students are non-native speakers. Here is an overview of how to approach your lessons, including which tenses to focus on + activities to help bring it all together!
how to teach spelling

How to Teach Spelling: 7 Strategies to Improve Your Lessons

Teaching spelling is never easy, especially with young learners. We’ve put together 7 strategies to help you better plan your lessons and help your students.
esl flashcards

25 Sets of ESL Flashcards to Use in Your Lessons Today

Need help with a lesson? Try these ESL flashcards – we’ve listed 25 sets in categories like animals, food, vocabulary, as well as flashcards just for kids and adults!
teaching vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary: 3 Fun Methods for ESL Teachers and Students

Looking for some fun ways to teach vocabulary? Here are 3 to help make your lessons more engaging and ensure your students have a fun time learning!
esl recruiter

What Is an ESL Recruiter and when Should You Use One?

Using an ESL recruiter can be invaluable for new teachers – here’s a guide to what they actually do and how they can help you land your dream teaching job.

Teaching Terminology: What Do ESL, TEFL, TESOL, EFL, CELTA, DELTA Mean?

Getting into English teaching and not sure which terms apply to you? Start here for a rundown of the most popular ones and how they are used in the industry.
teaching pronunciation

5 Things to Remember When Teaching English Pronunciation

Teaching English pronunciation is hard but can make a huge difference in how your students progress – here are 5 tips to keep in mind during your lessons.
online student engagement

6 Interesting Assignments to Engage Online Students

Most online teachers struggle with engagement at some point in their career – here are 6 lesson ideas to get your students interacting again.
6 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side for TEFL Teachers

6 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Side for TEFL Teachers

Looking to leverage your teaching skills to land a second jobs or side hustles to make more money – here are 6 ways to start.
life after esl header

Preparing for Life After ESL

Former teacher, Kristine, shares some tips on how to prepare for transitioning from ESL to another field.