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Recommended Supplies for ESL Teachers & Classrooms

The 5 Best Projectors for Your Classroom & School

Explore our 11 favorite projectors for your classroom or school and what makes them great – compare features, price, and durability.

best teachers bag

15 Awesome Teacher Bags to Help You Stay Organized

Staying organized is often easier said than done, but a quality teachers bag definitely makes it easier – here are 15 of our favorites.

best easels

9 of the Best Easels for Your Classroom or Studio

Shopping for an easel for your classroom or home? Here are our 9 favorites for artists, students, and hobbyists, broken out by features and price.

best pencil sharpeners

11 of the Best Pencil Sharpeners for the Classroom (with Reviews)

Pencil sharpeners have come a long way – here are 11 of our favorite sharpeners for the classroom + advice on which is best for you and your students.

winter door decorations

Winter Door Decorations

Looking for some ideas for your winter classroom door decorations? Click here to see our favorites + what other teachers are doing1

christmas door decorations

Christmas Door Decorations

Looking for ideas to decorate your classroom door for Christmas? Look no further – here are some our favorites + some inspirational pics!

halloween classroom door decorations

Halloween Door Decorations

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your classroom door for Halloween? We’ve got 15+ decorations, pictures and ideas to inspire you!

thanksgiving door decorations

Thanksgiving Door Decorations

The holidays are almost here and it’s time to get your Thanksgiving decorations in order for your classroom door – here are 20+ ideas and inspirations!

fall door decorations

Fall Classroom Door Decorations

Fall is right around the corner – here are 20+ ideas to take your fall classroom door decorations (and lessons) to the next level!

teacher rolling carts

Best Rolling Carts for Teachers

Rolling carts make every teachers’ job easier – from organization to transportation, these carts are are perfect for busy educators.

best professional development books

5 Incredible Professional Development Books for Teachers

If you subscribe to the teaching motto ‘always be learning’ then these professional development books are for you!

best classroom management books

These Are Our 5 Favorite Classroom Management Books

Managing a classroom is an acquired skill and these 5 classroom management books are perfect for teachers looking to up their game!

best printers for teachers

7 of the Best Printers for Teachers & Classrooms

Every class has different needs when it comes to its printing – we’ve broken out 7 of the best printers for teachers and classrooms so you can find one that meets your goals!

best teacher planner

11 of the Best Teacher Planners to Help You Stay Organized

Not all teacher planners are created equal – here are 11 of the best guaranteed to help any teacher organize their schedule and classes.

best laminators

7 of the Best Laminators for Teachers, Classrooms, and Schools

A quality laminator is essential for most schools and classrooms – here are 7 of the best based on price and features so teachers can pick the best one for their needs!

gift cards for teachers

15 Gift Cards for Teachers to Show Your Appreciation

Need ideas on how to show your teacher appreciation? Check out this list of 15 gift cards for teachers – we’ve included options for those who like food, pets, and even a night out!

teacher gift

51 Gifts for Teachers & Professors to Show Your Appreciation

Looking for the perfect gift for your teacher or professor? We’ve got you covered – here are 51 of our favorites that are sure to make a lasting impression!

best laptops for teachers

11 Best Laptops for Teachers

Choosing the perfect laptop can be a hard decision for educators. Here is everything to consider as well as the best laptops for teachers on the market.

esl books header

9 Great ESL Books for Teachers Looking to Improve Their Skills

The right ESL books can make all the difference when it comes to teaching English – these 9 will help with everything from grammar to games.