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Teaching abroad is nothing short of an adventure, but the sheer number of choices can make even the first step of determining where to go intimidating.  Start here to explore what’s out there in terms of countries, positions, and requirements – the world is waiting.

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Teach Abroad in Asia


China offers an unprecedented experience for teachers – the country is full of culture and adventure and has some of the top salaries in the world.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a global metropolis and teaching there is an experience not to be missed.  Learn what it’s like to work in one of the most bustling cities in the world.



Japan is incredible and often a must-see place for both teachers and travelers.  See how easy it is to land a job and spend a year or more working in one of the most culturally-rich places on earth.



South Korea is one of the most popular locations for English teachers for a reason – they continue to offer great salaries and awesome perks like free airfare.



Thailand is a paradise for teachers and travelers alike – see what it’s like to teach in the land of smiles with access to some of the best landscapes in the world.



Nestled next to China and within shouting distance to Japan and Korea, Taiwan offers above-average pay from established schools for teachers looking to get started or move up in ESL.



Vietnam is a unique place to teach abroad because you get the incredibly cheap cost of living of Southeast Asia coupled with salaries that rival China and Korea.


Teach Abroad in Europe


Spain is one of the easiest places to teach in Europe and is perfect for experiencing rich culture, amazing history, and a relaxed classroom experience.



The culture, the people, and the wine – learn how you can teach in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.



Teachers love the high paying jobs and the easy to follow visa process offered by German schools.



What’s not to love About Italy?  From the food to the people it’s easy to see why English teaching is getting more popular year after year.



The demand for English teachers is constant in Russia – see what this country has to offer and how to land a job in one of their incredible cities.



Famed for its spires, Gothic castles, and dramatic ruins, Prague offers a chance to live and work in a cultural hub, with a mix of old tradition, trendy cafes and lively beer halls!


Teach Abroad in South America


Mexico is an incredibly beautiful and culturally rich country – they have also relaxed their requirements to work legally in an attempt to attract more teachers.



Colombia is one of the gems of South America and the country’s landscape coupled with the government’s recent focus on English make it a hard country to ignore.


Teach Abroad in the Middle East


Not only does Dubai offer some of the best salary packages for teachers, but the city is a beautiful mix of culture, cusiine, and people from all over the world.


Other Teaching Abroad Opportunities


Teaching online is the future – here’s everything you need to know from salary expectations to landing your first job so you start teaching from anywhere ASAP.