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One of the biggest drawbacks of a lot of online teaching companies is that they focus solely on providing English lessons to young learners. Very few give teachers the option to choose what age of students they work with.

Likeshuo is the opposite. As a Likeshuo tutor, you can decide what age of students you want to work with based on your own preference and teaching experience. In this article, we’ll be sharing all you need to know about Likeshuo such as what they pay, what the jobs are like, and most importantly, what other teachers think of the company.

About Likeshuo

Likeshuo is an online English teaching company that is affiliated with Meten International Educational Group, a large education provider based in China. Likeshuo offers a broad range of different programs to help students of all ages learn English, and learn more about passing examinations to study and work overseas. 

For online English tutors, Likeshuo offers a good opportunity to work with adults or children, and they offer fair compensation in return. However, they have fairly high requirements for teachers. Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to become a Likeshuo tutor.

What are the requirements to teach for Likeshuo?

Likeshuo is different from some of the major online teaching companies as it provides lessons for both Adults, Children, and professionals looking to study business English. They also hire Chinese teachers that have studied overseas in English speaking countries. 

In order to assign the right teachers to the right students, the company has four different programs that teachers can apply for, and the requirements differ for each. Below are the job requirements for the different Likeshuo positions.

General and Junior Program Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree or above
  • Native English speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada or New Zealand
  • TESOL or TEFL certificate or previous teaching experience is preferred
  • Available to teach for a minimum of 30 teaching hours per month

For the Junior program, teachers are required to have 3+ years of teaching experience in working with children. This can be online or classroom experience.

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Overseas Program Requirements

The overseas program is aimed at Chinese teachers with a high level of English knowledge. The ideal candidates are required to have graduated from an overseas English speaking university. The other teacher requirements are: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Online teaching experience preferred
  • Knowledge of  TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT
  • Ability to contribute to curriculum building and research

Professionals Program Requirements

The professional program is aimed at teachers with experience teaching adults or business-related topics. The official teacher requirements are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree or above. Business or industrial related subjects are preferred. 
  • Native English Speaker. Teachers with American, British, or Canadian accents are preferred.
  • Experience in teaching adults communication, organization, and management skills.
  • A minimum of 30 teaching hours per month 

The program that you choose to apply for will determine your exact pay rates. Read on to learn more about how much Likeshuo pays and how they calculate the pay rates.

What does Likeshuo pay?

Likeshuo’s pay rates are pretty fair, especially considering that they are open to hiring non-native speakers for their ‘overseas positions’. According to some job ads I found online, Likeshuo offers teachers anything from $16 to $25 per hour

The exact amount you will be paid depends on what type of job you are hired for (General, Junior, Overseas or Professional) and your experience. Native English speakers that work as Junior teachers can hope to be paid more than teachers that choose to teach only adults or overseas teachers. 

What is the interview process for Likeshuo?

Likeshuo doesn’t advertise it’s exact hiring process on their website. However, after scouring some Likeshuo reviews I found online, I managed to find some information about what teachers can expect from the hiring process. 

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To begin the process, teachers will need to fill in an online application on the company website. Then you will be contacted by a member of the Likeshuo staff to arrange an interview/trial class. If all goes well, you will then be asked to take part in a 2.5-hour unpaid training session on how to teach online and use the platform. If you pass through this stage, you can agree on a contract and start teaching. 

Also, if you plan on teaching on the Junior program, be sure to have some teaching props ready to use in the demo class, as the interviewers are particularly looking for teachers that know how to keep younger students engaged by using props and TPR.

What is working for Likeshuo like? 

Likeshuo doesn’t list too much information on their website about the jobs. However, after doing some digging, I managed to find some first-hand information about what working for Likeshuo was actually like. In this section, we’ll cover some important details about Likeshuo’s scheduling and classes and the platform that you will use to teach. 

Likeshuo Schedule

When working as a Likeshuo tutor, you’ll be expected to commit to at least 30 hours per month. When signing your contract, you’ll be asked to provide your weekly availability. Once this is confirmed, the teaching staff will assign your classes on a weekly basis. 

Many online teaching companies use this same method for assigning classes and it often means that teachers get more classes than if they were arranging or booking them for themselves. One new Likeshuo tutor said “So far the majority of my time slots are getting filled” which is great to know if you’re looking to make online teaching into a full-time income.

Likeshuo Classes

Likeshuo class sizes vary quite a lot, so it’s hard to know exactly what to expect. Teachers can be asked to teach 1-to-1 classes, 1-to-4 classes or even lecture classes to as many as 15 students. 

Classes last 45 minutes and no preparation is required. However, you will be expected to fill in evaluations for your students after the lessons are completed. 

Likeshuo Platform 

Likeshuo has a dedicated chrome-based platform that teachers can use to deliver lessons and submit feedback to their students after classes. Lessons are slide-based and are pre-prepared, so all the teacher has to do is log in and work through the slides with their students. 

Likeshuo Reviews

Although you now have a lot of information about working for Likeshuo, the best way to really gauge what a company is like is by checking the reviews from other teachers. After doing some research on sites like OET jobs, Glassdoor, and Facebook groups, I found that the Likeshuo reviews were quite a mixed bag. 

Some teachers agreed that Likeshuo was a decent company and that the pay and scheduling were fair in relation to the job requirements. One teacher said “ Pay starts at around $15 USD per 45 minutes class, plus bonuses. The platform operates on Chrome using Windows and is stable. No prep work is required before class, just read through the presentation.”

However, some teachers had less than positive things to say about the job requirements and penalties. 

One teacher said, “I do not suggest you join them. Only if you are really in need of money. Besides paying you low, the requirements to stay a teacher are unreasonable (no more than 2 complaints or absences/late) and benefits are almost unreachable (no complaints at all, attend unpaid workshops). The late policy is also almost draconian (be there 5 minutes before and do not leave even 5-10 minutes before class ends) since they can discount 100% if you are 10 minutes late. Terrible assistance from the TAs and management”

On Glassdoor, Likeshuo receives a relatively low score of just 3.1 stars but despite this, it seems that many teachers across the web are quite happy working with the company. If you’re unsure about the company, it’s worth checking out some more reviews for yourself before making any decisions. 

Resources & FAQs

If you’d like to know more about Likeshuo, check out the company website. You can also find more teacher reviews on sites like Glassdoor and on online English teaching groups like Hired online ESL teachers with job reviews. Below are some commonly asked questions about Likeshuo.

  • Can you teach without a degree? No. Unfortunately, Likeshuo requires all teachers to hold at least a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • Do you have to be a native speaker? No. Likeshuo also hires Chinese Nationals that have studied overseas.
  • Do you need a TEFL? Yes. Likeshuo lists TEFL certificates as ‘preferred’ on their website, but with the recent changes to online teacher requirements in China, it is likely that you are required to hold a TEFL certificate in order to get hired.


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26 Responses

  1. Hi I’m curious, can I file taxes if I worked for likeshuo. Is a w-2 available? Just curious if you can please let me know that would be so helpful.

    1. You’re likely contracted as an independent contractor and would need to file your own taxes with a 1099 (as opposed to W2) – this is best confirmed with Likeshuo, though.

  2. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for this info. I have my demo with Likeshuo today – would you be able to give any tips? Im not even sure what to wear as they dont clarify that. The lesson content is also confusing as I am not too sure how exactly i am meant to be teaching the content! Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Hello Mat,

    I am very interest in working for Likeshuo, but I am having problems registering. I am not being sent a validate code to my email. Can you please assist?

    1. Hi Demetrice – we are not part of Likeshuo (we just write about them) and recommend all questions regarding your application be directed at them.

    2. Hi Demetrice,

      I had the same problem. Try registering on your mobile and then wait 10 to 15 minutes for the email to come with validation code. Then login on your computer – easier to fill out their online application. Good luck!

    3. Hello Demetrice

      I also struggled to receive the code, but found it in my spam. So just keep an eye out in your spam folder

  4. Hi Matt, Thanks for this article. I’ve already applied there and had the experience from hell from one of their TAs. I do like their lesson plans so I’ll continue the process but nice to have some background information as the TA failed to provide any in the demo/interview.

    1. hey there! what hours do you work? can you fill out your own working hours? or are they assigned to you?? Because if you can work your own hours, then is it possible to work for 2 companies?

  5. so Frustrating! I had an interview/demo last Saturday that went very well. The TA finished up with, “I’ll get back to you on Monday with the good news”.
    I still haven’t heard anything. Looks like a waste of my time.

    1. Hi everyone, I want to warn you to be very argus-eyed when thinking about having a deal with this company. Likeshuo is not paying its teachers on time. I am not paid for 2 months, and they send different excuses every day. Better stay away.

  6. How long does it take for you to receive the contract from Likeshuo and will it be in a email or on your teachers page?

  7. So far I have been doing very well with Likeshuo. My TA is wonderful and I have had a great schedule. I work 8 to 10 classes per day 6 days a week. What bothers me the most is the penalties.
    Yes, they are unreasonable in a sense but this is Chinese mentality, work, ask no questions, you are replaceable. However, I knew these before I signed the contract. I was hit with a 300% loss = to 3 classes for being less than a minute late in the 5 minute zone. I was told to refresh the cookies and clear my cache by the TA due to lag. This forced me to relog and shut my browser. By the time I got back the AI program got a super sub and I lost not only that class but the next one and they took an additional 100 yuan. O.K. I have appealed but as in most Chinese companies it is only a formality to a rejected decision. I can live with it. Now I do not refresh anything as I lose all my logins to all my apps and etc…..
    I taught over 150 classes, no complaints, no lates, but one absent due to the sub. If I read it correctly, I will lose all my bonuses over 150 classes. Bummer….live and learn.
    The students are amazing and fun. Some are very fluent and some are not but all have a good base of English to work from.
    I teach adults general topics and when you join you can choose children or adults. It is up to you.
    As far as topics….some are very much above the knowledge for many students. Most are very interesting and fun, some are difficult.
    But overall in spite of everything mentioned I enjoy this company. I have worked for other companies and aside from one they all were over the top with penalties and deductions. So yes, it can be difficult as all jobs. Communication can be up and down. Some new teachers have a hard time getting started and some get going immediately. Time of year needs to be taken into consideration as well.
    I personally think you will like it at Likeshuo but we all have our own opinions.

    1. You really made a lot of excuses for poor treatment of teachers and poor business practices. Try standing up for yourself and demanding fair treatment.

  8. *WARNING*. Likeshuo and its parent company, Meten english lost millions through the 2020 pandemic and are no longer able to pay staff according to contract. Do not work for this company and expect to be paid on time and in full. Many other decent companies to work for online or in china.

    1. I’m no fan of Likeshou. They pay late and make no apologies for it. This is particularly terrible in relation to new hires getting paid for their first month (I didn’t get paid until the 22nd of the second month I worked for them). However, I’m in two different groups for Likeshuo teachers and none of them have stated any issues with not getting paid in-full.

      1. Hi Pat, I also work for Likeshuo but didn’t know there are groups for Likeshuo teachers. How can I find them and join? Thank you in advance 🙂

    2. Hello Lara,
      I hope you do not mind me messaging you. I saw your comment re other Chinese platforms and wondered if you could point out some alternatives to Likeshuo. I am currently working for a company as an online tutor and I have developed into, according to my students, a great tutor, however the remuneration from my company is very little and I wish to improve my earnings. I would be most grateful if you could share your knowledge and experience.
      Many Thanks

  9. Current employee. Since 12/2020 they have significantly hindered your ability to earn and bookings are getting less frequent. They bear absolutely no responsibility for anything that causes your problems from their platform or servers. The “appeal” process is a joke. They will penalize you at every opportunity, no matter how you prove it is not your fault. They eliminated the attendance incentive and now have changed the contract with only 3 day notice. The new contract makes your rate variable and the majority will earn less than they were contracted (they eliminate any record of previous contracts) and you have no choice other than leave the company. You will now not know your rate until after the month is over. They are a joke. Oh, and if they see I posted this, their contract says I will be terminated immediately – you are not allowed to speak negatively about the company in any format. Oh yeah, and they charge you a fee equal to teaching 2 classes (now more than 2 with the variable rate) for processing your pay each month. The TA’s are not their to help you succeed, at all, in any way, period.

  10. I currently have been working in Likeshuo since November 2020. It was a nice job for a time, but it’s getting worse and I will be quitting very soon. They initially promised that 95 RMB was “just intro” money. But when I finally got hired on FT, it went up to only 100 RMB. Some great reward. Now they have negated their prior contract and I’m making only 80 RMB per class, so it’s about $12 per hour USA. Not really worth it. It was barely worth it before at $15 per hour, but now it’s just an insult. Not sure how the rewards system works anyway. You have to dedicate your life to this and have boundless energy to get ahead, but why bother?
    All the effort I spent in editing their often flawed and typo-ridden lessons was ignored. I got no money for any of it and none of it was noticed. So I no longer bother with that function.

    Again, it was a good experience, and the upside is you can teach actual adults instead of making faces and using puppets with 5 year olds, which is what the usual Chinese online teaching job entails.

  11. Good day, I am a South African. Can I apply for an English teaching job with Likeshuo? I like what your company offers and I was quite disappointed to see that SA is not on the list of countries from where you recruit.
    Hope to hear from you.
    Kind regards

  12. Hi I have had a demo lesson with likeshuo. I failed the demo by a little. Can I reapply and if so, how long do I have to wait ?

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