Best Rolling Carts for Teachers

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Regardless of the grade you teach, you’ll have a lot of supplies to bring into your classroom. A rolling cart is an ideal way of transporting your school supplies from your home to your vehicle, and then finally to your classroom. The best rolling cart for you will vary depending on your unique needs. Some of the most common features to look for in a rolling cart are these:

  • Organizational properties such as interior compartments, exterior storage, and differentiated places to put different types of supplies
  • A collapsible handle that can accommodate a variety of heights
  • Folding capabilities that allow easier overall storage
  • Ample space for all of your classroom items like your teacher planner
  • Ergonomic designs that feature easy-rolling wheels
  • A lightweight cart with a large carrying capacity for your heavy books and other items
  • Aesthetic appeal and multiple exterior design options, so you can pick your favorite color or print

With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our favorite rolling carts for teachers.

Seville Classics 15-Drawer Organizer Cart

Why We Like This Cart

This Learning Resources cart has a carrying capacity of sixty-five pounds. It comes with an organizer set that is divided into multiple sections, allowing teachers to partition their supplies across a variety of pockets. The collapsible handle has an adjustable height for easier rolling and the entire cart can fold into a three-inch thick pad, so you can store it more easily. Its durable plastic design is optimized for use in the classroom, in an office, and around the home.

Darice 1210-27 Rolling Craft Cart

Why We Like This Cart

This Dbest Products cart comes in a variety of different colors, from vibrant blue to utilitarian black. The handle’s grip is custom-molded with non-slip rubber to be as comfortable as possible. Also part of the handle is the ergonomic curvature, designed to let you pull heavier loads with less force. The cart is collapsible and folds up for easier storage and while it weighs only three pounds in total, but the capacity is 125 pounds. The cart features smoothly rolling wheels with reinforced housing, which increases the carrying capacity. Thirty-five percent more space is available with this cart than with other leading brands.

ECR4Kids 3-Tier Metal Rolling Utility Cart

Why We Like This Cart

Another design of Dbest Products, this two-wheeled handcart is entirely collapsible and contains a retractable handle. In collapsed form, the cart is only three inches thick which makes storage easy. It expands to 17.5″ and can be loaded with school supplies, heavy books, crates, bins, boxes, and baskets. The cart weighs less than eight pounds, but its carrying capacity is eighty pounds. It also comes with a lid capable of supporting 250 pounds, which doubles as a step-stool or seat. The wheels are constructed with polypropylene, so you get a smooth roll.

Olympia Rolling Tote

Why We Like This Cart

This polyester cart has an ergonomic design that features soft-grip handles, a reinforced frame, and durable wheels. The inside compartment is capable of carrying up to seventy-five pounds. The cart has a padded front pocket for secure computer and electronic storage (perfect for your teaching laptop), with additional space for paperwork. On top of the cart is an iPad sleeve designed to hold your tablet with and without a cover. The two heavy-duty zippers can have locks added for additional security, and the telescoping handle will expand more than three feet.

Educational Insights Teacher Tote-All

Why We Like This Cart

This Educational Insights cart is designed to tote your supplies and heavy books between your classroom and the car. The updated version has duo-tone coloring and a lightweight construction that features both smooth-running tires and extendable handles. It folds flat for easier storage. The tote is constructed from sturdy plastic with measurements of 16″ wide, 16″ deep, and 17″ long.

The Rep Roller Travel Case

Why We Like This Cart

This Olympia tote is constructed from high-quality polyester and features a spacious main compartment, has mesh pockets on the side, and a retractable pull handle. Unlike some of the other rolling carts on the list, this one is designed with luggage and travel in mind. Multiple print options are available; the tote itself weighs only four pounds, with dimensions of 20″ long, 14″ wide, and 5″ deep.

dbest Quik Cart Two-Wheeled Collapsible Handcart

Why We Like This Cart

This ECR4Kids cart is designed with three tiers of shelves and is available in a variety of colors. The organizational features make it ideal for carrying a variety of different school supplies. The durable steel frame is coated with powder for maximum lasting capability, and the shelves can be adjusted in increments of 1.5 inches during the product assembly. Four casters come with two locking wheels. Also included are clear plastic liners, which prevent smaller objects from falling through the perforated bottoms of the baskets.

dbest Multipurpose Rolling Collapsible Utility Cart

Why We Like This Cart

This Darice cart features a telescoping aluminum handle and nylon liner. It’s designed to give you a fully portable craft station. Multiple external pockets and internal compartments give you better organizational opportunities. The cart collapses into an easily-stored size of less than three inches. Open, the dimensions are 17″ long by 15.5″ wide and 14.875″ deep.

Early Learning Resources Universal Rolling Cart

Why We Like This Cart

This organizational cart comes with fifteen individual and removable drawers. The cart is designed with metal channels that allow the drawers to slide in and out unattached, so you only need to bring as many drawers as you need (perfect for teachers without a home classroom). The opaque finish keeps all of your drawer contents private. The organizer’s overall dimensions are 38.2″ high, 25.2″ wide, and 15.3″ deep.

How do you stay organized?

Obviously rolling carts aren’t the only solutions for teachers looking to stay organized – if you have some tips or advice on how you keep your materials in order we’d love to hear about them!


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