15 Awesome Teacher Bags to Help You Stay Organized


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There are tons of different teacher bags on the market, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.  In our opinion, the perfect teacher bag is one that will let you carry everything you need to manage your classroom and look good doing it.  Some sturdy tote bags for teachers are built to withstand wear-and-tear, while teacher tote bags with pockets can help keep you organized.

15 Awesome Teacher Bags

Monstina Woman Laptop Tote Bag

Best Overall

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B5%2C5%5D”]

This is our top pick overall, and it’s the best bag for laptops as well.  The 15.6-inch sleeve can accommodate almost every laptop model on the market while the interior has 15 different pockets to organize your items.  A built-in USB port allows you to charge your phone or laptop by attaching a power bank.

  • Waterproof mixture of leather and nylon materials
  • 15 interior compartments to sort your items
  • 15.6-inch laptop sleeve accommodates almost all laptops
  • USB port can be attached to a power bank for easy charging
  • Strap easily slips over the shoulder
Woman Laptop Tote Bag,USB Teacher Bag Large Work Bag Purse Fits 15.6 in Laptop

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Thirty One Large Utility Tote

Best Sturdy Tote

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4.5%2C5%5D”]

This is the best sturdy tote bag on the market.  If you’re concerned that the weight of your items might wear down an average bag, the reinforced design will ease your fears.  The wire frame helps the bag hold its shape, while the construction is collapsible to store more easily.  The organizer can also handle a great deal of heavy classroom items.

  • Best sturdy bag available
  • Collapses for easier storage
  • Wire frame supports the weight and holds the bag’s shape
  • Capable of carrying large loads
  • Can stand freely on the floor or a desk when being used
Thirty One Large Utility Tote in Charcoal Crosshatch - No Monogram - 3121

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07/23/2024 07:11 am GMT

Pursetti Teacher Tote with Pockets

Best Basic Tote

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4.5%2C5%5D”]

This is our top pick for the best basic tote for teachers.  Available in eight different patterns, this bag is made from lightweight and durable polyester.  The zippered top keeps important items inside.  There are also plenty of pockets: six exterior pockets, two pockets for water bottles, five interior pockets, and a roomy main compartment.

  • Best organizer tote with exterior and interior pockets
  • Roomy compartment can fit books, electronics, and heavy items
  • Lightweight and durable polyester materials
  • 8 colorful patterns to choose from
  • Makes a great gift for teachers
Pursetti Teacher Tote
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07/23/2024 08:01 am GMT

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

Best Commuter Bag

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B5%2C5%5D”]

This messenger bag can be easily attached to the shoulder, making it the best bag for commuters.  It’s also one of the most versatile options on our list, able to accommodate laptops of up to 17 inches.  The internal pockets let you organize your items, including a specialized place for files.

  • Best commuter tote, with a secure shoulder strap and a place to attach bike lights
  • Internal organizer can hold laptops up to 17 inches, files, and water bottles
  • Available with 31 different colors and styles to suit your aesthetic
  • Easy-wipe interior and completely adjustable shoulder strap
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
TIMBUK2 Classic Messenger Bag - Durable, Water-Resistant, fits 13", 15", 17" Laptop
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Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Vera Tote Bag

Best Design

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4%2C5%5D”]

This tote bag comes with the coolest design on the market, making it a great choice for the fashion-conscious.  Each one of the 42 designs has a uniquely colored pattern that catches the eye.  The bag is made entirely from cotton and machine washable for easier maintenance.  It’s also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  • 42 brightly colored patterns to choose from
  • Signature Vera Bradley quilted fabric
  • Made entirely from machine-washable cotton
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Vera Tote Bag
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07/23/2024 07:43 am GMT

Kroser Laptop Backpack

Best Backpack

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4.5%2C5%5D”]

If you’re more interested in storing your items in a backpack, this is the best option we’ve seen.  The water-repellent bag can fit laptops of up to 17.3 inches.  There’s also a USB charging port and the compartments are large enough to carry electronics, books, clothes, and your power bank.

  • Best backpack for teachers
  • Large-capacity design fits 17.3-inch laptops, books, and clothes
  • Built-in USB port can be connected to a power bank
  • Foam padding helps support your back
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps for easy maneuvering
KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Computer Backpack Fits up to 17.3 Inch Laptop with USB Charging Port

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Lily Bloom Design Wheeled Cabin Tote

Best Rolling Bag

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4%2C5%5D”]

This is the best rolling bag for teachers, ideal for anyone who has to walk down long hallways to reach their classroom.  The compact, lightweight construction is built to fit under airline seats and the ergonomic handle makes the backpack easy to drag on its two wheels.  You can also pick from ten colorful designs.

  • Best rolling design for teachers
  • 10 colorful patterns and prints to choose from
  • Lightweight rolling bag built for airline travel
  • Ergonomic handle makes transportation easy
Lily Bloom Design Pattern Carry on Bag Wheeled Cabin Tote (Elephant Rain)

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07/23/2024 08:05 am GMT

OGIO Hamptons Tote Tote

Best Hybrid Bag

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4%2C5%5D”]

This tote bag is the best purse hybrid for those looking for something a little more traditional.  You can choose from nine different colors and the polyester construction includes an interior polyester lining and a zipper closure.  A fleece-lined laptop compartment can fit a 15-inch laptop, while the shoulder strap is 24 inches long.

  • Best purse hybrid for shoppers seeking something compact
  • 9 different colors to choose from
  • Fleece-lined laptop compartment for 15-inch notebooks
  • Interior and exterior zippered compartment
  • 24-inch shoulder strap for easy carrying
OGIO Hamptons Tote Tote

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07/23/2024 08:05 am GMT

Lululemon Festival Bag

Most Trendy

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4.5%2C5%5D”]

Lululemon is a huge name in the fashion world, making these the most trendy bags on the market.  You can adjust the bag by wearing the strap over the shoulder or across the body.  The zippered front pocket can hold your camera, shades, or keys.  Meanwhile, the small interior pockets keep your things organized.

  • Trendy bag from a popular name in fashion and fitness
  • Multi-pouch design keeps your items organized
  • Strap can be converted to a shoulder strap or an across-the-body design
  • Easily-cleaned and durable fabric repels water
Lululemon Festival Bag

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S-Zone Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote Bag

Best Leather Tote

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B5%2C5%5D”]

This is the best leather tote on the list, crafted from genuine materials with a buckle closure.  You can choose from three natural colors.  The interior includes a removable pouch made of canvas and a zippered fabric pocket.  For extra protection, foam padding at the base cushions your items when you set the bag down.

  • Genuine leather bag with 3 different color options
  • Removable canvas pouch and zippered fabric pocket
  • Padded bottom to protect items
  • Laptop compartment can hold 15.6-inch laptops
  • Comfortable leather shoulder straps
S-ZONE Genuine Leather Shoulder Tote Bag for Women Large Handbag Work Purse

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Scout BJ Large Tote Bag

Most Durable 

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4%2C5%5D”]

This is the most durable option on the list, with a zippered interior compartment and four exterior pockets.  Seven different patterns are available to suit your aesthetic.  The all-weather fabric is water-resistant and quick to dry.  When not in use, the bag can fold flat for easy storage.  The bottom has been reinforced to prevent bursting even when carrying high weights.

  • Most durable tote bag on the list
  • Four exterior pockets and a zippered interior pocket
  • Lightweight and flat-folding for easy storage
  • Reinforced bottom for extra stability
  • Water-resistant, fast-drying, and easy to clean
SCOUT BJ Bag, Large Tote Bag with 4 Exterior Pockets & Interior Zippered Compartment

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07/23/2024 07:30 am GMT

Longchamp Le Pliage Large Shoulder Tote Bag

Most Lightweight

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4%2C5%5D”]

If you’re looking for a lightweight option from a well known brand, this bag is a good place to start.  Four stylish colors are available.  The bag has a zippered closure on top and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.  It can fold when not in use, which makes it a good choice when you’re traveling.

  • Lightweight bag crafted from nylon with leather trim
  • Water-resistant tote design
  • Folds compact and flat for easy storage
  • Zippered top closure protects items
  • Shoulder strap allows easy carrying
Longchamp Le Pliage Ladies Large Nylon Tote Handbag L1899089001

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Volganik Rock Waterproof Canvas Tote Bag

Most Organized

[tb-i18n code=”star-rating-number-of-stars” placeholders=”%5B4.5%2C5%5D”]

This is the best bag with multiple pockets for organization.  You can choose from 13 different colors, and the laptop sleeve can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop.  There’s an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.  The bag has been constructed using waterproof nylon and heavy-duty stitching, so your items will stay dry and safe.

  • Multiple zippered exterior pockets
  • Laptop sleeve fits 15.6-inch laptops
  • Wide, adjustable shoulder strap for easy transportation
  • Waterproof nylon and stitching
  • 13 different colors to choose from
Canvas Tote Bag Waterproof Nylon Multi Pocket Shoulder Bags Laptop Work Bag Teacher Purse and Handbags for Women & Men

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07/23/2024 08:13 am GMT

Teacher Bag Buying Guide

Tote or Backpack?

Choosing a backpack vs tote usually comes down to both preference and use – do you need storage space, mobility, or both?

The best backpack option is one like the Kroser, since the design is big enough to carry everything you need.  The interior pockets also allow you to organize your smaller items.

One big concern regarding backpacks is the potential for shoulder fatigue and back pain.  Heavy straps can cut into your shoulders and weigh down your spine.  A good backpack should have adjustable and padded shoulder straps and some might even have additional padding to protect your upper back when in use.

Some backpacks, like the Lily Bloom, have rolling wheels attached.  You can either carry them on your back or roll them along the ground by pulling an ergonomic handle.  These bags are often optimized for travel in airports, but they make a good option for day-to-day classroom use.

Tote bags are known for having an open top with a large interior compartment and some, like the Volganik Rock bag, may have multiple exterior zippered pockets.

Backpacks are known for having a larger storage capacity than totes, but there are many totes with huge interiors.  Tote bags may also have zippered interior compartments to organize your items.  They might have padded laptop sleeves and USB ports to charge your electronics from an attached power bank.

Size Matters

Professional bags for teachers come in many different sizes.  The right one for you depends on exactly what you’re carrying.

Our stance is that you want a bag that can hold all of your items, keep them organized, and still be compact enough for easy transportation.

If you don’t often carry heavy-duty supplies to school, you probably won’t need a giant messenger bag.  But on the other hand, if you’re often carrying large laptops or heavy textbooks, you’ll want more space in your organizer.

One of the first considerations is the laptop sleeve.  The majority of teachers use a personal laptop for their work and it’s important to make sure that your bag is large enough for your computer.  

If you have a compact netbook (or desktop at school), this won’t be a huge issue, but those with bigger devices might struggle.  Designs like the Monstina bag can carry laptops up to 15.6 inches in length.

Another consideration is whether you need room to expand.  Maybe you’re not carrying a lot of baggage right now, but will you have more intensive projects in the future?

The size has an impact on the portability.  Smaller bags are much easier to carry from place to place but if you have a lot of stuff, using a large bag is better than overstuffing a small one.

Car or Commuter?

When you look at work bags for teachers, you’ll need to consider what’s best for your commute.  How do you get to work?  People who drive have different considerations from people who bike, take the bus, ride the subway, or walk.

One bag that’s designed for commuters is the Timbuk2 messenger bag.  Instead of a traditional handle or shoulder strap, the strap crosses your entire body.  This keeps the bag securely at your hip while you walk, peddle or ride.  There’s also a place to mount bike lights for those who bike to and from work in the dark.

When you drive to work, you don’t need to carry the bag for your entire commute.  You also don’t need to worry so much about keeping your items safe from potential strangers.

One last thought for commuters: you’re going to be carrying the bag a lot.  You’ll need a design that’s both lightweight and durable enough to avoid splitting open on the train.  You’ll need something with zippered compartments so that your items don’t fall.  And if you ride on crowded public transit, you’ll need something compact enough to keep near your body.

Pockets or No?

Different bags have different pocket setups.  While a multi-pocket design might seem like the best bet, it really depends on your needs.

Do you have a lot of small items that need organizing?  Or are you mostly carrying around large books and electronics?  If you’re not carrying small objects, tiny pockets will go to waste and increase the risk of and tear.

On the flip side, if you do have a lot of small objects, you don’t want to shove them all into the same interior compartment.  It’s very easy to lose your important things.  Even if you don’t lose the items, it can be stressful to need to dig for them.

Some bags have pockets created for different purposes.  The Vera Bradley tote has six slip pockets on the inside.  Other designs have exterior pockets for your ID and keys, or mesh pockets for your water bottles.

You don’t have to pick the fanciest design with the most pockets.  Just look for the one that can accommodate your needs.

Leather or Canvas?

Leather and canvas bags both have advantages and drawbacks.

Leather teacher bags like the S-Zone bag are often favored due to their waterproof nature and long-lasting construction.  

However, genuine leather is very expensive.  Synthetic leather has many of the same waterproof and durable properties as genuine leather, but it may wear down more quickly.

Canvas bags are much more lightweight and simpler to carry.  They can also be folded into different shapes, which often makes them easier to store.  Like leather bags, they are extremely sturdy.  A canvas bag doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, while a leather bag does.

Canvas bags also tend to have more creative designs.  They’re likely to be printed with bright colors, prints, and brand names.  Leather can be colored, but it’s rare to find brightly-toned leather bags.

A leather bag is a good choice for someone who wants a long-lasting, sturdy purchase.  A canvas bag is best for someone who wants a convenient, low-maintenance, design-friendly bag.

Wrapping Up

The best teacher bags are those that suit your classroom needs and make your job easier.  Our top pick for the best teacher bag ever is the Monstina laptop tote, which comes with multiple organizational pockets.  It can fit a 15.6-inch laptop and has been constructed with waterproof materials.

If you’re looking for a backpack rather than a tote bag, we recommend the Kroser backpack. This heavy-duty model has a large capacity for clothes, books, and electronics.  The multiple pockets allow for easy storage, while the padded straps eliminate shoulder fatigue.

For commuters, we recommend the Timbuk2 messenger bag.   The classic messenger bag design includes an adjustable full-body strap for maximum security.  There’s even a place to mount bike lights.  This is one of the highest-capacity organizers on the list, too, with the ability to carry 17-inch laptops.


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