11 Best Classroom Projectors [2024 Teacher Projector Guide]


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The best classroom projector will depend on the size of your classroom, the number of students you have, the material you teach, and your style of teaching. There are several different types of projectors for classrooms and we’ve taken a look at some of the top options to suit a wide range of teaching and classroom needs.

Our top overall pick is the Crenova Native. This classroom projector is powerful enough to project full HD movies while outdoors. You don’t need to worry about sunlight washing the image out. It’s also compatible with several smart devices like Roku and a TV Stick.

The Best Classroom Projectors for Teachers

Crenova Native

The Crenova Native is our top classroom projector because of its superior performance in every category.  The projector is built for outdoor use, incorporating 6,000 lumen bulbs that create visible images even in bright light.  The extra contrast ratio increases color saturations for an improved viewing experience.

In addition to excellent image quality, this projector has built-in speakers that use an SRS sound system. The advanced cooling and SmartEco technology combine to make this an energy-efficient model and the lamp can last up to 50,000 hours!

You can connect your smartphone or laptop by using an HDMI cable and the system is also compatible with Audio, AV, VGA, and USB cables. 

What We Like

  • Native 1080p HD video images projected across 200 inches
  • 6,000 lux brightness suitable for bright classrooms and outdoor events
  • Built-in SRS sound system speakers erase the need for external speakers
  • Compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, VGA, and Audio cables
  • 24 month repair warranty with lifetime customer support
Best overall
Crenova Native 1080p Projector

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Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device

The Fire Stick is an affordable way to stream HD content on your classroom television and a great alternative if your classroom already has a TV and you don’t need a dedicated classroom projector.  The device is Alexa voice compatible, and the remote includes mute, volume, and power buttons.

By pushing down on the voice button, you can ask Amazon Alexa to find streaming content.  This saves you a lot of time, which is great when you’re working with limited class periods and Alexa can search thousands of channels and several streaming services to locate what you’re looking for.

What We Like

  • Amazon Fire device allows streaming to TV in fast, full HD
  • Alexa voice remote including volume and power buttons
  • Search and launch shows on different apps using your voice
  • Comes with thousands upon thousands of channels
  • Live TV capabilities and over 20,000 free TV shows and movies
Best value
Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote

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GooDee G500 Mini Video Projector

If you’re looking for a portable option, the GooDee Mini projector is a great choice.  Not only is it small enough to bring on a daily commute or from class to class, it also includes a protective bag for the journey.  Despite the small size, the projector shows content at up to 200 inches on screen.

The upgraded projector design has 80 percent more brightness than an ordinary classroom projector and supports 1080P resolution with high color contrasts.  The lamp has 50,000 hours of life, and the optimum screen size is about 60 inches, perfect for display on a wall or whiteboard.

What We Like

  • 1080P resolution with 80 percent improved brightness over ordinary model
  • 44 to 200 inch display and 50,000 hours of bulb life
  • Powerful dual SRS speaker eliminates need for external speakers
  • Portable and compatible with headphones, USB, VGA, AV, and HDMI
  • 5 years of technical support and professional service available
Most portable
GooDee 2021 G500 Video Projector 5500L

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07/23/2024 08:01 am GMT

Epson VS250 SVGA Projector

If you’re concerned about brightness, this Epson projector is one of the best choices.  The 3,200 lumen lamp provides vivid color, even when your classroom is sunlit.  If you run the projector on Eco mode, the fan is exceptionally quiet. You can use this classroom projector with Mac and PC computers as well as the Android and iPhone devices via the iProjection app.

The model supports resolutions of up to 800 by 600 pixels and is a great choice if you project graphics and presentations more often than video.  The screen is 350 inches wide when at a distance of 30 inches from the wall – more than enough space for most classrooms.

What We Like

  • 3,200 lumens of brightness good for light classrooms
  • 800 x 600 pixel resolution good for graphics, memos, and presentations
  • Compatible with HDMI, PCs, Macs, smartphones, and the iProjection app
  • Portable and practical projector option if you aren’t playing HD movies
Best for light classrooms
Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 Lumens Color Brightness (Color Light Output)

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07/23/2024 07:57 am GMT

ViewSonic (PA503S)

The ViewSonic projector is built for use in the home and office, but it can work well in the classroom as well. The 3800 lumen brightness is good for people who work in dark classrooms and you can use the presentation features for teaching, student work, and even business purposes. The screen projects 12 feet in high clarity, making it good for large classrooms.

Setting up the device is simple. All you have to do is plug it in, and you’re ready to go. The lamp will also last for a maximum of 15,000 hours and the projector is compatible with the majority of smartphones, media players, external cables, and computer operating systems. It can be used with DVD and BluRay players, Google Chromecast, and Amazon FireTV.

What We Like

  • Able to play videos and presentations on a 12-foot screen
  • Lamp lasts for 15,000 hours
  • 3-year parts warranty coverage with 1-year lamp coverage
  • Compatible with the majority of media-equipped devices
  • Super easy to set up and use
ViewSonic 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector

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07/23/2024 07:57 am GMT

Optoma EH335 1080p DLP Professional Projector

This professional projector can stream 1080p HD video at a brightness of 3,600 lumens. Graphics and text are also crystal clear thanks to a 20,000 to 1 contrast ratio. If you’re getting set up in your classroom, you can use integrated network control to sync with your students and there are also a variety of connectivity features.

The lamp will last for up to 15,000 hours, which means that you could use the projector for 4 hours a day every single day for more than ten years. Another ideal feature is the keystone correction. You can adjust the classroom projector to be slightly off-center while still projecting the ideal image. It’s also lightweight and highly portable.

What We Like

  • Lightweight, portable, and easy to set up
  • Complete network control available to monitor student networks
  • Compatibility with most streaming and media devices
  • 1080p HD video with a 20,000 to 1 color contrast ratio
  • Lamp lasts for up to 15,000 hours
Best for big classrooms
Optoma EH335 1080p DLP Professional Projector

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07/23/2024 08:00 am GMT

FANGOR 230-Inch Portable Movie Projector with Tripod

The Fangor model is one of the most impressive classroom projectors on the market. Its 230-inch screen is massive, spanning almost 24 feet. That makes it a great choice if you’re working in a lecture hall, gymnasium, or huge classroom. There’s also a tripod included, which makes it easier to position the projector and move between rooms.

The Fangor can play video in full 1080P HD and also has a color contrast ratio of 6,000 to 1, making the colors crisp and bright. The design is WiFi compatible for easy streaming plus there’s also a built-in surround stereo and Bluetooth connectivity. You can attach the projector to most streaming devices using HDMI, SD, VGA, or AV porting.

What We Like

  • Huge 230 inch screen
  • Comes with a tripod for easy mounting
  • Plays video in 1080P HD
  • Built-in surround sound speaker
  • WiFi and Bluetooth enabled with many connectivity ports
Best table projector
1080P HD Projector, WiFi Projector Bluetooth Projector

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07/23/2024 07:44 am GMT

QKK Mini Projector (with Screen)

The QKK Mini Projector shines at a whopping 6,500 lumens. It also comes with a 100-inch projector screen, so you can turn any classroom into a movie theater. There’s full support for 1080P HD video, and the item is compatible with HDMI, AV, computers, smartphones, and TV sticks.

This projector has one of the longest lamp lifes on the market. Thanks to the five-layer LCD display, the projector lamp can last for up to 50,000 hours. The manufacturer is so confident that you’ll be satisfied that they’ve included a three year warranty. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason within that period, you can get your money back without issue.

What We Like

  • Bright lamp with a 50,000 hour lifespan
  • LCD display allows for longer life
  • Compatibility with most streaming devices, operating systems, and cables
  • Comes with a 100 inch projector screen for easy viewing
  • Capable of streaming video in 1080P HD
Q K K Mini Projector 6500Lumens Portable LCD Projector

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02/18/2024 11:04 am GMT

ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9500L

This overhead projector is one of the most technologically advanced on the market, equipped with 5G WiFi capabilities. The bidirectional Bluetooth tech allows the projector to connect to any Bluetooth device and function as a speaker. Meanwhile, the classroom projector can stream in 1080P HD and has a contrast ratio of 12,000 to 1.

The keystone technology allows you to adjust the projection angle at up to 50 degrees, making it easy to center the image. You can also flip the projector around 360 degrees to project on any wall in a room. The sealed optical engine is specially designed to prevent contaminants from blurring the lens over time, which gives you a sharp image even after years of use.

What We Like

  • Bidirectional Bluetooth capabilities with additional connectivity
  • 1080P HD video quality with color contrast of 12,000 to 1
  • Keystone technology makes it easy to adjust the projection angle
  • 360 degree swivel lets you project on any wall in the classroom
  • Dustproof engine prevents the lens quality from degrading over time
Best overhead projector
ONOAYO 5G WiFi Projector 9500L Full HD Native 1920×1080P Bluetooth Projector

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DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

This WiFi projector is one of the best choices for student presentations. Instead of needing to connect their computers manually, they can simply connect to the WiFi network. This saves a lot of time and hassle when you’re doing multiple presentations in a day. The 300-inch screen uses an LCD display to project in 1080P HD.

The brightness is also impressive, with a high output of 8,500 lumens. Thanks to the 10,000 to 1 color contrast, you get more brightness and clarity than you would with competing projectors. It’s a great choice if you’re often working in bright conditions. Like a few other options on the list, this projector uses keystone technology to adjust the angle for easier projection.

What We Like

  • 1080P HD video streamed with high contrast
  • High lumen output of 8,500 lumens
  • Capable of syncing to WiFi, so it’s great for presentations
  • Keystone technology corrects bad angles to project clearly
  • 100,000 hour lamp life along with a full 3 year warranty
Best for presentations
DBPOWER Native 1080P WiFi Projector

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07/23/2024 07:41 am GMT

Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro

This portable classroom projector is built to project TV shows and movies at anywhere from 40 to 100 inches. Though it’s optimized for home entertainment, it can also be very useful in the classroom. The projector streams in 720p and has a brightness of 500 lumens, so you’ll need to have a dark classroom to get the most use from it.

The two audio drivers are designed to give you the best sound quality possible, working together to bring you a full audio spectrum. You can also connect devices to the projector using an HDMI or USB cable. All in all, this is a relatively simple option that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the competition, but it might be perfect for dark and small classrooms.

What We Like

  • 40 to 100-inch projection size is good for small classrooms
  • Made for home entertainment but works for the classroom too
  • Audio drivers create a strong surround sound experience
  • Can work with devices through USB or HDMI cables
  • Ideal for dark environments and teachers on a budget
Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro 500 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector

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07/23/2024 08:06 am GMT

Buying Guide for Classroom Projectors

Projector Type

The type of projector makes a difference. Is it mounted on the ceiling or a table? Is it meant for streaming movies or static images? Different teachers will have different needs. Table projectors are more portable, but ceiling projectors like the Onoayo can be configured more easily.

Bulb Strength

The brighter the bulb, the clearer the image will be in a bright classroom. If you have trouble shutting the sun out, or you have a lot of ambient lighting regardless, you’ll want a projector with a more powerful lumen output. The DBPOWER Native projector puts out more than 8,000 lumens.


The video resolution has a big impact on quality. The best projectors can stream in 1080P HD but if you’re on a budget, classroom projectors like the Nebula that stream in 720P are also pretty good. The color contrast also has an impact – the higher the contrast ratio, the sharper the images will be.

Audio Quality and Connection

Older projectors usually didn’t have speakers but many modern projectors have built-in speakers or the ability to connect to something more powerful. You want a projector that can amplify sound while still retaining the audio quality with minimal setup. The Fangor projector even has built-in surround sound!


Most projectors today are built with HDMI and USB ports to connect to different devices. However, you also need to consider if the model is WiFi or Bluetooth enabled and is it compatible with streaming services? Can it stream copyrighted content? You want a projector that can connect to all the systems you use.

Viewing Size

The right size will depend on the size of your classroom. How large do you plan to project the image? If you’re working with a big lecture hall with students sitting far away, you’ll want a large screen. But if you’re in a small classroom, you might prefer a smaller screen that still retains the image clarity.

Portability vs Power

Miniature projectors like the QKK are designed to be lightweight, portable, and easy to use. The tradeoff is that they don’t tend to have as much power as the more permanent fixtures. Ceiling-mounted projectors usually pack the most punch, as far as brightness and contrast are concerned. 

You’ll need to decide how much portability and power you need, and try to find a model that fits both requirements.

Teacher Projector FAQ

Do I need a projector in my classroom?

While it is possible to teach without a large display, a teacher projector can definitely make lessons easier. For example, it’s easier to write on a small piece of paper than on a whiteboard, which allows your students to take clearer notes. You can also easily show your students visuals and videos.

What are lumens?

Lumens are a measure of the brightness in a lightbulb. The higher the lumen output, the brighter the bulb. The best projector for classroom presentations will be bright enough to show images in sharp detail regardless of the lighting.

Are classroom projectors easy to operate?

The ease of use of a classroom projector will vary depending on the model but most classroom projectors are built to be easily operated. The best projector for school is the one that you can operate easily, even if there are advanced features.

Wrapping Up

When you’re looking into a classroom projector, you’ll want to consider your needs. Do you need HD video? What about compatibility with streaming services? How bright do the images need to be? Once you know that, you can narrow down the options that work best for you.
Our top pick for the best classroom projector overall is the Crenova Native. This projector has a huge screen that will let you broadcast even in a gigantic lecture hall. It’s also bright enough to operate outdoors without any issue.


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