The 7 Best Rolling Carts for Teachers (Our Picks!)


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Teacher carts come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can make a huge difference in getting around campus, carrying equipment, and helping you stay organized.  The best one for you will vary depending on what you’re carrying, how much travel you’re doing, and whether your students need to use it as well.

We’ve put together a list of the best rolling carts for teachers based on the needs of you, your classroom, and your students.

ECR4Kids - ELR-0549B MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart and Organizer Bag Set

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02/18/2024 11:40 pm GMT

If you’re in a hurry, our top overall pick is the ECR4Kids.  This innovative design combines the features of a rolling cart and bag and is perfect for teachers who work with students of all ages.

The Best Rolling Carts for Teachers

Dbest Products Quik Cart Collapsible Handcart

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Best Portable Option

The Dbest Products handcart is a great option for those who want a highly portable rolling cart.  The two-wheeled design offers stability while being easy to drag behind you.  Meanwhile, the lid of the cart can support 250 pounds, so the product doubles as a chair or stepping stool!

When it’s full, the square design can fit in the trunk or the passenger seat of a car and an adjustable telescoping handle makes transportation easy.  Empty, the cart folds to a thickness of 3 inches, allowing for more compact storage.

Despite weighing less than 8 pounds, the cart can carry up to 80 pounds of small items.  The construction uses a combination of heavy-duty plastic and aluminum.  The wheels use polypropylene to roll smoothly as you move into the classroom.

  • Collapsible teacher trolley with retractable handle
  • Can be loaded with crates, bins, baskets, and boxes
  • Capable of hauling 80 pounds of little items
  • 3 inches thick when folded for easy storage
  • Lid supports 250 pounds, so it can be used as a stepstool
dbest products Quik Cart Collapsible Rolling Crate on Wheels for Teachers

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02/18/2024 03:39 pm GMT

Alvorog 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart

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Best for Classroom Use

This utility cart from Alvorog is a great choice if you need an organizer for the classroom.  The storage trolley has four wheels and easy-grip handles to move from place to place.  Meanwhile, the three open storage shelves make use of vertical space.

You can store folders, papers, and other classroom supplies on this cart and is a great choice because the items are protected but visible to students.  The three pockets on top can hold pencils, rulers, scissors, erasers, and other small items.

The thick metal frame is sturdy enough to support 200 pounds, so it’s also a good choice for those who have heavier objects (like projectors) to move around.  Two of the wheels are lockable, providing stability when the cart isn’t in motion.

Teachers can use this for craft supplies, papers, and basic office tools.

  • Rolling cart with 3 shelving levels and multiple organizational pieces
  • Metal design allows the shelves to hold 200 pounds
  • Triple-level engineering maximizes vertical space while keeping things visible
  • 4 wheels for easy travel, 2 locking wheels for stability
  • Great for craft, art, and basic classroom supplies
alvorog 3-Tier Rolling Utility Cart Storage Shelves Multifunction Storage Trolley

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02/19/2024 12:00 am GMT

ECR4Kids Universal Rolling Cart and Bag Set

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Best Overall

This is our top pick overall because it provides excellent storage, protection, and portability.  Though it doesn’t have the same vertical shelving space as some other options, it makes up for that with more than 30 different compartments.

You can store large and small items alike.  Some of the compartments have zipper closures while others use hook-and-loop closures.  Since items are enclosed, this is a good choice for teachers who need to carry things through rainy weather or around campus without cover.

The design is also foldable.  When not in use, you can squish it down to 3 inches in thickness and it can be slid under a car seat, into a closet, or under a desk.

The telescoping handle can lock in three different positions, making it much easier to move over long distances.

  • Combination of rolling cart and enclosed bag for easy transportation
  • Fits in the trunk of a car and folds down to 3 inches for storage
  • Adjustable telescoping handle locks in 3 different positions
  • More than 30 compartments to keep both small and large items secure
  • Functions as a portable office and holds all your classroom supplies
ECR4Kids - ELR-0549B MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart and Organizer Bag Set

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02/18/2024 11:40 pm GMT

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Activity Cart

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Best for Young Students

If you’re looking for a cart for your preschoolers or younger elementary studers, this is the teacher cart for you.  Not only is the design colorful, but it also comes with tons of different storage bins and pockets (and colors that you can use in lessons!).

All of the items can be easily viewed, no matter whether they’re stored in a bin or pocket.  The four wheels make maneuvering easy while the lockable feature gives you stability when the cart isn’t in use.

The cart can also function as another workspace and comes with all the tools and instructions necessary for assembly.

You can store craft supplies, stuffed animals, toys, writing utensils, and many other objects in the provided bins and baskets.

  • Colorful fabric storage cart that’s great for elementary students
  • Multiple pockets, baskets, and bins provide easily-viewed storage spaces
  • 4 locking wheels for combined maneuverability and stability
  • Comes with instructions and tools for assembly
  • 3 shelving levels to maximize vertical space
Honey-Can-Do 3-Tier Rolling Teacher's Activity Cart CRT-03477 Rolling cart

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Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Rolling Organizer

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Best for Tight Spaces

This 10-drawer organizer is perfect for teachers who have limited classroom space.  The cart can be nestled into a corner or a free stretch of wall and has ten shelving levels to help you get the most out of your vertical space.

Drawers are brightly colored, which can make organizing easier (especially for students).  They’re also opaque, so the items inside are hidden from view.  This is a popular choice for storing folders, graded assignments, future assignments, and arts-and-crafts projects.

The top of the design features a removable tray.  You can store objects that you want placed in full view.  The raised sides of the tray help secure the items even when the cart is in motion.

This design features four caster wheels, two of which lock for stability.  The tall handles make transportation easy.

  • 10 colorful drawers maximize surface area in tight classroom spaces
  • Removable top tray keeps items secure while traveling and allows visible storage
  • Pearlescent finish makes the drawers opaque
  • 4 caster wheels with 2 lockable ones for stability
  • Tall handles make pushing and pulling easy over long distances
Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

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02/19/2024 11:40 pm GMT

Dbest Products Bigger Trolley Dolly

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Most Versatile

This is the most versatile option on the list and it’s perfect for teachers who want a cart for outside the classroom.  It’s also available in 16 colors, making it excellent for anyone who likes choosing their own style and aesthetic.

The foldable cart is made from lightweight, durable materials.  You can fold it in half to make storage easy.  It fits in closets, in the trunk of a car, and under desks.  You can also remove the bag to transport boxes or other heavy objects on the dolly.

One striking feature is the “beefy wheel.”  This oversized wheel is designed to manage every terrain from smooth linoleum to sand.  If you’re often trekking through the mud, you’ll want the extra protection.

Another protective quality is the bag’s weatherproof material, which protects the interior from snow and rain.

  • Folding cart and bag available in 16 different colors
  • Heavy-duty wheels can handle slick surfaces, gravel, and even sand
  • Can be used as a utility cart, grocery cart, and transportation for school supplies
  • Weatherproof bag protects contents from the elements
  • Ergonomic cushioned handle reduces joint pressure, so it’s good for long travel
dbest products Bigger Trolley Dolly, Moroccan Tile Shopping Grocery Foldable Cart

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02/19/2024 12:25 am GMT

Seville Classics 15-Drawer Rolling Cart

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Most Spacious

This 15-drawer cart has more storage space than any other option on the list.  It features five large drawers and ten smaller drawers, along with a tabletop surface that can hold other items.

The drawers are also removable.  You can easily install and remove them, which means you can bring individual drawers with you when needed.  An opaque finish creates a professional look and protects the contents from view.

The design uses four caster wheels, two of which lock for stability.  It’s easy to pull and push without hurting your back, thanks to the high handles.  The large size may make it a little unwieldy for long trips, though.

This is a great tool for organizing both bulky classroom supplies and papers.

  • Organizer cart with 5 large drawers and 10 small drawers
  • Removable drawer design with an additional top surface for objects
  • Opaque, professional finish protects drawer contents from view
  • 4 caster wheels for maximum mobility, 2 locking for stability
  • Maximum space when storing classroom supplies, papers, and other items
Seville Classics 15-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer Cart, Translucent Black

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02/18/2024 07:04 pm GMT

How to Choose a Rolling Cart for You or Your Classroom

Bag vs. Cart

One of the decisions you’ll have to make is whether to choose a rolling bag or a cart.  Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages while some designs, such as the ECR4Kids, combine the functionality of a rolling cart with the protection of an enclosed bag.

Rolling bags can be similar to backpacks or suitcases.  They are typically enclosed, with multiple pockets or interior compartments.  They may have zipper or snap closures, or they may be open to the sky.

A rolling bag is a good choice if you’re transporting supplies over long distances on a daily basis – for example, if you have a long commute.  It can shield your materials from the elements and offer much-needed organization.

However, a rolling bag isn’t ideal for organizing your classroom space.  The items are closed-off from view and not very accessible.

A rolling cart is a much more accessible option for classroom use.  These carts typically use two or four wheels.  They come with a variety of different organization systems that may include shelves, drawers, pockets, baskets, bins, and trays.

The downside is that carts aren’t as easy to move over long distances, especially if you’re dealing with rough or muddy terrain.  But they can be easily maneuvered between different classrooms in a hallway.  They also provide essential storage space for small classrooms.

The key is this: A teaching bag is good for maneuverability and transport.  A teacher cart is good for organization and accessibility.

Size vs. Portability

Larger carts like the Seville 15-Drawer are ideal if you have a lot of items to store in very little space.  If you’re frequently moving items between home and the classroom, designs like the Quik Cart can fit in your trunk.

The ideal teaching cart is exactly as large as you need it to be and no larger.  That way, it’s as portable as possible but doesn’t sacrifice any space.  Some oversized carts have extra portability features, making it easy to move a miniature office over long distances.

The larger a cart is, the more storage space it can offer.  That’s especially true of carts with many vertical shelving levels or drawers.  These designs maximize vertical space, which is essential if you’re dealing with a lot of items in a very small classroom.

On the other hand, portability means better maneuverability.  If you intend to bring your cart home with you every night, you need a portable option.  You’ll even need a portable option if you move the cart frequently between classrooms.  Keep in mind low handles can make your back hurt from stooping!

Some designs are specifically made to fit into the trunk of a car.  It’s also common for carts to collapse into flat spaces when not in use which makes moving and storing them much easier.

If you don’t plan to move your cart often, you can prioritize size.  If you plan to move it a lot, it’s best to prioritize portability.

Classroom Use vs. Transportation Only

If you’re using the cart to organize items within your classroom, designs like the Alvorog are ideal.  They allow you to store items in easily-viewed, easily-organized ways.  You also get to make use of vertical shelving space.

If you’re only using the cart to transport items from one area to another, you might benefit from a design like the Bigger Trolley Dolly.  These carts are perfect for not just your daily commute, but also for grocery shopping and rearranging items in your house.

Depending on whether you prioritize transportation or classroom use, you’ll end up looking for different features.

Classroom organizers have a lot of storage space.  It’s helpful for them to have open components as well, like baskets and bins.  These allow you to store supplies in places where students can easily see them.

Classroom organizers are also often bigger than transportation carts.  They’re built to store a lot of items.  Many have a weight capacity of over 80 pounds.  Meanwhile, transportation carts are built to be compact and maneuverable.

If you’re looking for a transportation cart, you’ll want something with organized pockets or compartments.  That way, you can keep your items safe and easily unload them.

You’ll also want to look for features like heavy-duty wheels, an adjustable telescoping handle, and a compact overall design.  These features make life a lot easier when dragging supplies over long commute distances.

School and Classroom Layout

How far will you need to move the cart?  If you’re only moving it around a small classroom, you don’t need to worry too much.  But if you’re moving it over long distances, you’ll want a design with high handles, like the Seville 10-Drawer option.

The layout of your classroom also makes a difference.  How much room do you have to maneuver the cart?  If there are narrow spaces between the desks, you might struggle to position a larger cart.

At the same time, consider how much organization space you need.  If you need to store a lot of folders, papers, craft supplies, and overall classroom supplies, it’s probably helpful to get a cart with a lot of shelving layers.

Will your students be using the cart?  If that’s the case, you’ll probably want one with open storage compartments so they can see inside.

Another consideration is the type of classroom.  If you’re teaching younger kids, you’ll probably gravitate toward brightly colored designs that have easily-arranged bins and baskets.

If you’ll be moving the cart often, consider the layout of the school.  Will you be maneuvering between rooms in a single hallway?  Or will you need to drag the cart on outdoor pathways between multiple campus buildings?

These considerations will affect the kind of wheels, handle, and overall portability you’re looking for.  The best cart is one that works with the classroom, not against it.

Wrapping Up

A good rolling cart for teachers should be able to organize your things, travel easily, and be simply stored away.  Your priorities will vary depending on your needs so keep in mind whether you need to push the cart between classrooms, what items you intend to transport, and whether there are safety considerations for your students.

Our favorite pick for the average teacher is the ECR4Kids teacher cart.  This is a teacher cart with wheels and the functionality of a rolling bag.  With more than 30 compartments for organization, you can tote around an entire miniature office!


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