How to Teach English in Germany in 2018

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About Teaching English in Germany

Not only is Germany a great place to visit as a tourist, it checks almost all of the boxes when it comes to teaching English:

In addition, there are ample job opportunities thanks to a high demand for the language – the following are some of the places that regularly hire those looking to teach English in Germany:

  • Adult education classes
  • Private language academies
  • Public schools
  • International corporations
  • International schools
  • Universities
  • People seeking private tutoring

Though many jobs will require you to have a bachelor’s degree, the only certification you need to apply for jobs is a TEFL certificate.

In addition, teachers and foreign workers praise the visa + residency process for being streamlined and easy to navigate for both EU and non-EU citizens (especially compared to other overseas teaching locations).

If you’ve been thinking about teaching abroad in Europe, Germany might just be the place for you!

Want more?  Check out this great video on a week in the life of an English teacher in Germany!

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