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Best Courses by Location

The Future of Technology and Education

See what the future of education looks like through the eyes of technology in the time of COVID – a look at trends, tools, and tips.

teaching statistics

15 Online Education Statistics to Help You Understand the Industry

15 incredible statistics that show just how popular online learning has become and who is benefiting the most.

Teaching IELTS: Understanding the Test & Planning Classes

Interested in teaching IELTS? Here’s an overview of the test + tips on how to structure your classes.

teach abroad without degree

Where Can You Teach English Without a Degree?

It’s not impossible to teach abroad without a degree – here’s a breakdown of where to start your search and what to expect.

91 English Pronunciation Exercises and Resources for ESL Teachers

A great collection of pronunciation resources for your ESL classroom. Find free exercises, worksheets, activities and videos to make teaching English pronunciation easy!

classroom seating arrangements

The Value of Classroom Seating Arrangements: 4 Layouts to Try

Want to encourage more interaction between students? Try changing up your seating arrangement – this post outlines the pros/cons of 4 different layouts.

tefl gap year

How To Make Your Gap Year Attractive To Employers

Wondering how to make your gap year sound attractive to future employers? Here we look at some tips to help you use your gap year to stand out from the crowd.

Creating a TEFL Resume: What to Include & How to Stand Out

The first step of any job is your resume – in this post Thomas explores what makes a good TEFL resume and what you can do to make yours stand out.

From Side Gig to Career: One Teacher’s Experience with EFL

Dr. Daniel Portman has been involved in TEFL for over 20 years. After falling in love with TEFL, he went on to pursue master’s level work in applied linguistics.

prague tefl courses

The 5 Best TEFL Courses in Prague

Here we break down everything you need to know about the best TEFL courses in Prague, including their reputation, curriculum, and price.

china tefl course

The 4 Best TEFL Courses in China

Looking for a TEFL course in China? This guide breaks down 4 options, including their price, curriculum and reputation.

become an online teacher

Discounted (and Cheap) TEFL Courses & Certificates for 2020

Looking for a cheap TEFL course? Check out our list of current discounts and coupons to see what’s on sale for 2019.

teach english in thailand

The 5 Best TEFL Courses in Thailand

Looking for a TEFL course in Thailland? We’ve broken down 5 of our favorites based on their price, reputation and curriculum – click to check them out!