Thanksgiving Door Decorations


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Changing holiday seasons afford you new opportunities to decorate your classroom. The Back-to-School decorations from September have to come down sometime; why not use a fall theme for October and November? Thanksgiving classroom door decorations give your classroom a cheerful and comforting spirit while also helping your students to mark time.

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The warmth of fall decorations and Thanksgiving celebrations can be multiplied by classroom art projects. For especially young students, you can use the decorations as a learning opportunity by themselves: Your students are just learning what different holidays mean.

Thanksgiving Refrigerator Magnets

These cheerful magnets can be used on your classroom whiteboard or any other magnetic surface. They come in a multitude of fall-inspired colors, with realistic leaf designs and fun shapes.

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Thanksgiving Wall Decal Peel and Stick Graphic

This decal will fit in a number of locations, from your whiteboard to your classroom wall to your bulletin board. It’s perfect to remind students about the story of the Pilgrims while preserving some turkey-related holiday cheer.

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Thanksgiving Door Decorations

These two signs, measuring 10.5 inches and 11.5 inches each, feature old-fashioned Thanksgiving and fall messages. They’re great ways to introduce autumn-related vocabulary to your students and add to a classroom’s warm fall theme.

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Pumpkin Welcome Sign

These die-cut shapes are printed on card stock and come with thirty-six pieces per pack. You can use them to decorate your classroom, or you could hand them out to your students during a Thanksgiving-related craft project.

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Fall Leaves Cut-Outs

These six-inch cut-outs come in a variety of festive fall-themed colors. With thirty-six pieces per package, you can use them for classroom decoration or for craft projects with your students.

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Thanksgiving Bulletin Board Set

This set comes with a number of cheerful pieces, from a “Happy Thanksgiving” sticker to a representation of the Pilgrims and Native Americans. It’s a comprehensive way to set up your bulletin board for the Thanksgiving season.

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Autumn Themed Cutouts

These fall-themed cutouts have a myriad of different images, from pumpkins to apples to flowers and foxes. They’re a great way to celebrate the harvest, especially when you use them to make an entire scene.

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Fall Bulletin Board Set

This bulletin board set comes with pumpkins, leaves, hay bales, and cartoon animals. It’s a perfect way to usher in the fall season with color and cheer.

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Inkers Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Set

The dancing scarecrow is the focus of this set, combined with bright orange pumpkins and deep red leaves. Transform your classroom into a “Pumpkin Patch” with these pumpkin patch-themed pieces.

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DIY Turkey Bulletin Board Set

This bulletin board set would make a great classroom project. Since the turkey is assembled by hand, each student could be assigned a feather for the “tail” to show that you all work as a team.

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Paper Leaves Cut Outs

Each twelve-pack comes with three different sizes of red, brown, and orange leaves. They make great classroom door decorations, or they can be used in art projects.

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Need inspiration for your Thanksgiving door decorations?

Have a mental block when it comes to decorating your door for Thanksgiving?  Have no fear – here are some of our favorite examples of what other teachers have done!


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