Winter Door Decorations


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After the festivities of Thanksgiving are over, it’s immediately time to move into the winter holiday season. No matter what holidays your students celebrate, winter is a time for cheer and coming together. Your students are learning about the differences between the seasons and holidays during the year and shifting your classroom decor can help your students engage better with their learning environment. The holidays are also an excellent opportunity to learn about the unique celebrations of your students.

Your classroom door is an easy place to neglect when you’re decorating, but you should pay special attention to this area. This is the entrance to your classroom. When your students come into school each morning, the door is the first impression they get of the coming school day. If you use cut-out packs with multiple pieces, you can also use any extra pieces for craft projects or lessons with the kids.

Here are some of our favorite examples of winter classroom door decorations and how other teachers have used them:

Winter Small Cut-Out Grab Bag

This grab bag comes with cut-out shapes in assorted colors. Each of the little cutouts is three by three inches, and 31 sheets are included in each package, so you can use the extra for your students.

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Amscan Snowflake Swirl Decorations

Each set comes with twelve stunning snowflake swirl decorations in reflective silver. They can be hung from the frame of your classroom door to turn your entrance into an icy paradise, or you can hang them from your classroom’s ceiling.

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Peanuts Happiness Is A Snowflake Decorations

This sweet set of Peanuts-inspired classroom cut-outs makes an entire winter scene. It’s easy to construct the scene on your classroom door or in the center of your bulletin board.

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Snowflakes Cut-Outs

These die-cut shapes are printed on card stock and vary in size, with most shapes fitting six by six inch dimensions. Each pack has thirty-six shapes, making the snowflakes great for both student use and classroom decoration.

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Winter Mix Cut-Outs

These packs of cut-outs come with a number of different shapes and colors, so you can create a full winter scene on your classroom door. The durable and reusable design is also great for student projects and sorting activities.

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Winter Woodland Friends

These cut-outs measure six inches by six inches and feature a variety of woodland critters. It’s easy to construct a whimsical winter scene by placing the thirty-six cut-outs together on your door.

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Beautiful Snowflake Dangling Spirals

This pack comes with twelve dangling spirals in wintry colors. The snowflakes dangle at the end of the icicle, perfect for use on the edges of the door or for festive three-dimensional patterns.

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Large Assorted Tissue Paper Snowflake Decorations

These snowflake decorations come in three wintry colors and two sizes, with the large measuring 22 inches and the small measuring 15 inches. You can construct a scene with them, or use them to decorate the top of your door with woodland creature decals arranged underneath.

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Snow Much Fun Decorations

This bulletin board set features a number of different festive winter decorations. From the friendly phrases to the snowman and multicolored mittens, you can use the decorations to emphasize the wintry aspect of your welcoming classroom door.

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Check out how other teachers are arranging their winter door decorations!

Here are some of our favorite images from Pinterest showing how other teachers are decorating their doors for the winter holidays:


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