5 Items Teachers Should Include in Their Home Office or Classroom


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Regardless of whether you’ve moved your classes online temporarily or full time, having your own home office or classroom is a big advantage. Not only will your classes appear more professional, but prepping, grading, and staying organized will be a lot easier!

A home office or classroom is a cost-effective investment, but only if you equip the area with the necessary items for productivity. Using reliable sources such as American Avenue, Ikea or even Amazon to provide inspiration, it’s now time to invest in several items to complete the space. 

While you might not need a full classroom projector, listed below are five items that you should definitely have in your home office or classroom:

Our Recommendations for an Awesome Home Office or Classroom 

Filing Cabinet

An important item to include in your home office or classroom would be a filing cabinet. This is a must because it can help you organize all of your important documents, which you have accumulated throughout the years, so that they don’t get lost or scattered all over the area. Some people choose to place these items behind their desks, while others will actually place them in cabinets under their desks. 

There are many different types of file cabinets that you can choose from, and each of them has its own special features. For example, you can choose one that has built-in locks on the drawers or shelves to allow for the safe storage of your documents, files, and other items. You can also choose between the types of file cabinets that have adjustable shelves, which allow you to store as many documents as you want and not worry about these being cramped.

The type of filing cabinet that you choose will depend on the kind and quantity of files that you plan on storing in your home office or classroom.

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One of the first items to include in your home office or study room is a whiteboard (check out our favorites here). This item is available almost anywhere and comes in many shapes and sizes. Regardless of how big or small your home office or classroom is, you can easily find a whiteboard that fits your available space and budget.

A whiteboard can affect your productivity when you’re in your home office or classroom by supporting lessons, jotting down ideas, or even quotes for later. Since whiteboards are also very visible, writing your tasks for the week on it will regularly remind you of the tasks on your plate, and which ones should be prioritized. You can even use your whiteboard to play some games if you see yourself too stressed out when working or studying. 

A high-quality whiteboard is vital for students, employees, business owners, and educators because it’s very versatile and can be used in many different ways. 

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Study Table Or Desk

Another item to include in your home office or study area is a large study table. You can use this table to do virtually anything—from studying different materials, teaching English online, to comfortably using a computer for researching for hours. Your research materials will be arranged in a neat fashion, keeping them out of the way while you study if you have a large study table or desk. This furniture will also allow you to organize your supplies and keep everything together in an organized manner. 

Study tables or desks are very common today, so make sure that you buy one that suits the space of your home office or classroom, and the number of items you usually use when you’re in this area. The more materials you use when working or studying, the bigger your study table or desk should be.

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You won’t be able to maximize the features of your study table or desk if you don’t have any comfortable chair. How do you think you can write or read documents with ease without any chair?  Do you think you can effectively use your computer if you’re always standing up in your classroom?

Another item that you should have in your home office or classroom is a comfortable chair. Aside from allowing you to accomplish tasks in your home office or classroom, a comfortable chair can also promote proper posture and hip and pelvis alignment. Ergonomic chairs, for example, can even prevent you from slouching, as well as eliminate the need for repetitive trunk flexion.

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Desk Lamp

You’ll be spending time in your home office or classroom at different times of the day. While the natural lighting of the day will make it very easy for you to read and remain productive, it’ll be challenging for you to do the same during nighttime. Reading or working in the dark can put a strain on your eyes, making you susceptible to eye strain.

If you want to stay productive and healthy at the same time, invest in a desk lamp for your home office or classroom. This item will provide you with enough illumination at night, and ensure that you can read and work with ease.

When choosing a desk lamp for your home office or classroom, make sure to consider the purpose, the amount of light that you need, and the power source of the desk lamp. These factors are essential to ensure that you’ll end up buying a desk lamp that suits your needs. 

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Where to Start

Creating your own home office or classroom can be exciting, but, at the same time, challenging. The latter is especially true if you’re clueless on how and where to start. 

If you want to make the process easier, take note of the tips presented in this article and start looking for suppliers who can provide you with the mentioned items. The sooner you scout for suppliers, the sooner you can enjoy a well-equipped home office or classroom!


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