15+ Halloween Classroom Door Decorations & Ideas


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After your students settle into your classroom, and the Back to School decorations head into storage, Halloween is the next big holiday. This means that Halloween is your first chance to impress your classroom’s transformation magic upon your students. It’s a great idea to transform your whiteboard, bulletin board, and even your teacher cart into a spooky place of fun, but don’t forget about your classroom door!

The outside of your classroom door is the first place your students see each morning. Strong Halloween-inspired door decorations will make an impression they’ll remember for years. You can use hanging decorations to cast an air of holiday mystery over the room or create three-dimensional scenes by combining wall decals with crinkled paper decorations.

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Black & Orange Paper Lanterns

This DIY kit comes with multiple black and orange paper lanterns in a variety of sizes. These can be hung around your door, from your classroom ceiling, or off the walls to bring your decoration into a three-dimensional space.

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Hanging Pumpkins & Ghosts

This 12-pack of hanging decorations comes with bright Halloween colors and spooky shapes. You can hang the cutouts from your door frame or the ceiling of your classroom. Try mixing and matching these hanging Halloween decorations for added layering and depth.

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Halloween Hanging Door Decorations: Garland with Bats, Witches, and Ghosts

You can mix and match these hanging decorations, creating a curtain that hangs from the top of your door frame. These hangers also make great borders for the frame or for your classroom’s bulletin board, if you want to carry the theme into the interior of the classroom.

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Set of 6 Halloween Wired Ribbon Rolls

These duct tape patterns made by Black Duck Brand can be layered over your classroom door, your bulletin board, and the frames of your door and windows. You can even open the art project up to your students, letting them design their own patterns and murals.

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Colorful Owls Bulletin Board Set

These owls are celebrating all the major holidays from Halloween through Valentine’s Day. It’s a great investment if you want to stockpile multiple holiday decorations early, and each holiday sticker would be a perfect centerpiece for a classroom door.

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Eureka Peanuts Halloween Mini Bulletin Board Sets

Another Halloween door decoration that’s great if you have particularly young students. Each of these mini sets commemorates the classic Peanuts characters, and you can construct door scenes to introduce your students to the Peanuts universe.

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Pumpkin Cut-Outs

Each pack of these pumpkins comes with thirty-six pieces replicating a single design. You can use them to construct a scene on your classroom door (perfect for Thanksgiving, too!), and you might use leftover pieces for classroom lessons or craft projects for your students.

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Inkers Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Set

This bulletin board set comes with pumpkins, leaves, hay bales, and cartoon animals. It’s a perfect way to usher in the fall season with color and cheer.

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Caution Tape

This caution tape is three inches thick and 328 feet long, so you can use it across the entirety of your classroom as well as your door. Strips of caution tape can be patterned over your door, or you could use the tape to outline spooky scenes along with your bulletin board and whiteboard.

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Crime Scene Tape Do Not Cross

This crime scene tape decoration can be pasted across the interior or exterior of your door. On the exterior, your students will walk into a spooky crime scene; on the interior, students will live inside that spooky crime scene.

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