The Best Shoes for Teachers: 21 Options for Style & Comfort

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Teaching ESL

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Whether you’re teaching online or halfway around the world, few things are more important to your day-to-day comfort than your shoes.  Unsurprisingly, teaching is consistently rated as one most common jobs for which to be on your feet all day.  With this in mind, we went out to find the best shoes for teachers – the result was 21 options including everything from clogs to pumps and sandals to boots – no matter your style, schedule, or foot size, there is something in this list for you.

From one teacher to another, we hope your feet will thank you!

KEEN Women’s Sienna MJ Canvas Shoe

These are great shoes for teachers because they allow you to be stylish and comfortable no matter what time of the year it is. These Keens have a low-profile sole made out of rubber and cork that will keep your steps springy as you move from class to class. You can also wear these out for field trips as they are also solid enough for outdoor use.

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KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoe

The Presidio Shoe is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. You’ll never have to worry about slipping on wet hallway floors thanks to the waterproof rubber soles. The nubuck leather body is easy to clean with a gum eraser, giving you more time to do the things you love. If you feel like taking a break from wearing heels and flats, the Presidio shoes provide you with breathable comfort and excellent toe protection to help you navigate the hallways and corridors like a pro.

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Sanuk Women’s Pair O Dice Flat

The Sanuk Flats come in tons of color options and are one of the best shoes for teachers. They are very light, comfortable, and slip-resistant soles so that you can wear them through hours of teaching and not feel a pinch. Another advantage the Pair O Dice flats have is their anti-microbial insole that keeps your shoe odor-free which allows you to discreetly kick them off mid-class without worrying about causing a distraction.

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Sanuk Women’s Vee K Shawn Chukka Boot

Sanuk means fun in Thai and these chukka boots are the definition of ease of use. If you are going to be on your feet all day like during a laboratory session or field trip, I strongly recommend these shoes for teaching long hours. It’s soft, flexible and easy on the feet. Even if you need to scamper between classes or chase after your students, these shoes will keep you from having blisters or any form of discomfort.

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Crocs Women’s Leigh Suede Wedge Shootie Boot

Being a teacher doesn’t mean you can’t be chic. The authentic suede finish is easy to maintain, and the platform is quite sturdy. Not only are they snug, they fit elegantly and absorb most of the shock from walking on pavements and classrooms. What I like the most about them is that I can wear them to other events straight from school and fit right in. They’re easy to walk in which is a huge plus as they are also super comfortable for teaching.

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Crocs Women’s Lina Wedge Pump

The Lina Wedge Pump is great for modern teachers who want both comfort and class. The pumps have a nice 2-inch heel that is well-padded on the inside with a double foam foot bed that is extremely comfortable. They are really light and I would recommend buying a size or half a size bigger especially if you have wide feet and are in search of more comfortable lectures. These teacher heels are soft enough to keep on all day even if you have tender feet.

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CLARKS Women’s Delana Joleen Boot

If you prefer all-purpose boots to flats or pumps then these are great options for the school year. They are very comfy to wear and the sole is wide and slip-resistant even when the floor is wet. The Joleen boots are also versatile and fit both inside and outside the class.

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NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes

There are few shoes that come in all the colors that you love like the Flex 2016 running shoes. Made from a special material by Nike, it flexes with your heel and sole, giving you a comfortable support for your foot all day long. It is perfect for road trips, gym practice or everyday classroom use even if you’re pulling long hours. The colors are gorgeous and vibrant, and they fit really snugly in the toe section.

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TOMS Women’s Del Rey Sneakers

All teachers love TOMS shoes and the Del Rey Sneakers are no different. With over 20 colors to choose from, these are perfect everyday sneakers made from soft fabric. They’re easy to wash and fit right on your feet. These feel like skater shoes and are uber-comfortable. TOMS is also offering to donate a free pair of shoes to children in need for everyone you buy. These sneakers are quite stretchy, so you have a really good range of movement for your school activities.

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Sanuk Women’s Pair O Sail Boat Shoe

If you are looking for a soft pair of shoes that you can just slip on in the morning and rock through your classes and day, then Pair O Sail shoes are for you. You can buy them in Olive or Shell color and enjoy the flexible rubber sole that Sanuk shoes are known for. The cotton material is low maintenance and fits most foot types, whether narrow or wide. Because they are so affordable, you can even have it in different colors to match your outfits and personal style. Being comfortable flats for teaching makes them some of the best shoes for teachers.

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TOMS Women’s Classics

These synthetic Canvas shoes need no introduction to most teachers. These slip-ons are lifesavers that can last you through several miles of parading the hallways. The rubber soles keep you comfortable on your feet all day and the elastic neck makes it easy to remove or wear as you like. The TOMS classics are both casual and functional and are great for everyday use both in school and around town.

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Vans Classic Slip-On Unisex

The Classics are perfect for gym work and physical training sessions where you have to be constantly moving. This modern take on the Vans sneakers has elastic sides that keep your feet from feeling constricted. They may feel snug at the beginning but after a few classes they’ll feel loose and let your feet breathe comfortably. The Vans Classics don’t have any laces, so they fit right in at work.

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UGG Women’s Classic Short II Boot

Ugg boots are the most comfortable shoes for teachers, especially in the winter season. The short boot is made from sheepskin and has a finish of suede that has a premium feel to it. The fur used for the inside and upper part of the shoes is sourced from Australia, the United Kingdom and other importers of sheep fur. If you want comfy shoes for teaching in the winter, look no further than the Ugg Short boot.

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Merrell Women’s Encore Q2 Slide Climbing Shoe

Finding shoes that are more comfortable for teaching than these will be tough. The low back section allows you slip in and out of them easily. You may find it a bit stiff at first being made from leather, but you’ll find that the rubber sole and the patented Air Cushion supports makes them comfy for teaching. Ignore the climbing in the description as the traction isn’t the best outdoor. They are however ideally suited for teaching in classrooms and marshaling hallways.

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Skechers Sport Women’s Breathe Easy Fortune Fashion Sneaker

Teaching is more fun when you’re wearing comfortable shoes and these Easy Fortune sneakers are classy and comfy for everyday classroom use. While it may be a bit pricey, you get some of the most comfortable shoes for teaching. It is made out of a soft fabric mesh that gives a high-quality finish that is also gentle on your soles and heels. The arc support is excellent if you have foot troubles.

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Women’s Naot Women’s Allure Patent Leather Sandals

Sandals are a teacher’s best friends as they offer more comfort than most shoes ever will. Ideal for the summer period with any dress style, the synthetic leather sole cups your feet gently and the adjustable strap ensures that you get as much fit as you desire. The cork soles make them very light and comfortable flats for teaching.

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LabatoStyle Women’s Casual Leather Loafers

These beautiful leather shoes can either be worn as slippers or as loafers. Soft, comfortable leather body makes them supple and flexible with each step. You can teach in these shoes without worrying about slipping or developing blisters. It is also available in eight beautiful colors to fit your mood as you prepare for another day of teaching.

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Naturalizer Women’s Emiline Slip-on Loafer

This affordable loafer is made from imported fabric and has an artificial sole, neither of which reduce its grip considerable or its comfort. The Naturalizer brand is both fashionable and comfortable for teaching no matter the season. These loafers are a classic fit and are adaptable to most dress styles, regardless of what look you’re trying to achieve.

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Keen Women’s Elsa Slip-On Hiking Shoe

If you are a fan of Keen shoes, the Elsa Slip-On hiking shoes are quite similar. The textile material used to build the shoe is of high quality and massages your feet when you walk in them. Among the most comfortable flats for teaching, these have the added benefit of being equipped with a sole suited for the outdoors. It’s available in many colors and offers excellent arc and insole support to your feet, making teaching more comfortable for you.

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FitFlop Women’s Flora Flip-Flop

Summer is a beautiful time where you can wear flip-flops and be comfortable while you teach. The FitFlops are beautifully designed with a laser-etched floral pattern that is quite distinctive. Available in three vibrant colors, the 1-inch platform is light and features a leather thong-style sandal that is comfortable for teaching no matter how long your classes are. The platform is also shock-absorbent and helps to ease pressure on your foot.

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Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

This shoe reeks of professionalism from a distance and will probably give you away as an educator. The leather build is solid and provides strength and comfort for your feet. Made to be quite long-lasting, keep these in shape is as simple as cleaning with a damp cloth to remove most scuff marks. The rocker-bottom is perfect for giving you support while seated or moving around the class which makes them one of the best shoes for teachers.

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Did we miss any?

Shoes can be an incredibly personal thing – while we did our best to ID a variety of shoes for teaching, there are certainly others that we neglected – if you wear something you swear by let us know in the comments!

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