ESL Jobs in China

Looking for an ESL or TEFL job teaching in China?  You’ve come to the right place.  Our job list is updated almost daily and includes teaching jobs in Chinese public schools, universities, and private language centers.  We’ve made it easy to browse all available jobs and apply with a click.

Looking for more help?  Go and read out Teach in China Guide – it answers everything from how much you can make to the visa process.

Teaching Jobs in China

YoloABC China Jul, 28
GoldStar TEFL Recruitment China Jul, 28
First Future Education China Jul, 27
Meten Global Teachers China Jul, 21
Guangzhou Korean School China Jul, 19
Meten Global Teachers China Jul, 13
Pattison English China Jul, 05
Jilin University-Lambton College China Jul, 05