11 of the Best Teacher Planners to Help You Stay Organized

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It’s in every teacher’s best interest to be as organized as possible during the school year – it will not only help your classes go more smoothly but also help you maintain your sanity.  The average teacher spends 2 hours a day planning and organizing their lessons, a feat made significantly easier with a quality planner.

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The issue is that what might be the best teacher planner for you might not meet the needs of your colleague.

Luckily, with this list, we’ve attempted to make your search easier and break out 11 of the best planners for teachers – what follows is a breakdown of their features, benefits, and even shortcomings.

Happy planning!


Daily Planner by Scholastic

What’s better than an un-dated planner from one of the leading educational companies?

Our pick for best teacher planner is the Daily Planner by Scholastic – it’s wire-bound, filled with un-dated and lined pages for evergreen planning, and even includes a class roster to help you keep track of students and their grades.

This planner is the definition of proven simplicity and is an asset for any teacher looking to simplify their planning or replace a planner that keeps them bound to a range of dates.

Blue Sky Academic Year Teachers Plan Book

This is a nice planner for teachers that covers 12 months of periodical planning. The months are divided by a stiff tab that will stand all kinds of rigor during the year. You can view each month on a single view page and each week in another view that helps to organize detailed plans. The planner itself is made from thick, high-quality paper that is bound with a durable hard paper cover that is guaranteed to keep it intact through the hassles of the year. There are also two calendars included and enough note pages to help you keep tabs on your appointments.

Bloom Daily Planners Un-Dated Academic Year Teacher Planner

The first thing you notice about this planner for teachers is the full color of the pages and the beautiful floral watercolor design on the cover. This is one of the best planners to buy if you’re picking up one any time of the year when a dated planner would be an inconvenience.

Because the weekly charts are not dated, you can start using this from any date and fill out the date in whatever order you so wish (perfect for ESL teachers starting their contract mid-year). This means it would last longer than other planners. With a 12-month view arrangement and additional pages to organize student information, graphs, and important dates, it is the best planner for teachers who don’t make notes daily and still want to stay organized when they do.

House of Doolittle Teachers Planner

This planner for teachers comes in many colors and configurations that include a larger size, a lesson planner and class records if you want. Made by an environmentally responsible company on fully recycled paper, it contains 7-period weeks that span across two pages. This gives you enough space to prepare comprehensive weekly notes.

The blue faux leather book cover is also strong enough to keep your thought organized for as long as you need the planner. One of the reasons why it’s a popular planner for teachers is the attendance and grade record section which helps to keep student notes consolidated.

7 Period Teacher Lesson Plan

Elan planners for teachers are made from durable paper, weigh just under 10 ounces and hardly bleed ink. The Monument or Montana hardcover has a protective surface that is waterproof and scratch resistant. There’s plenty of space to compile lesson notes and highlight without it smudging other pages.

This planner is highly recommended by other teachers because of the extra column provided to include additional notes. The pages are also un-dated which allows teachers to save space during holidays which means the planner lasts much longer than dated ones. The quality of the paper is also much better than most similarly-priced planners.

Elan Hardcover Combination Plan and Record Book

This planner comes in a gold dots and turquoise design that also includes a free bookmark clip-on. Using a combination book is a perfect planner for teachers is efficient because there’s a grade book section with plenty room, there’s a full paged page for a school year which could be used to conveniently access and make plans. There’s also a comprehensive record book included for up to ten weeks that can take as many as 50 students, enough to cater for a full academic year either on the planner or on the annual glance spread section.

Teacher Created Resources’ Teacher Plan Book

There are few Teacher Plan Books that have everything you need as a teacher to organize classes, plan for the academic year and anything else required. The best teacher planner is one that is flexible enough to accommodate class notes, grades and academic records for both classroom and home school teachers. The cover is beautiful and colorful, keeps the pages straight and crisp. The plan book is big enough for a proper classroom setup. One cool feature is the brain teasers and puzzles which are a great way to interact with students.

Aim High Teacher Planner Plan Book

If you’re in the market for one the best planners to manage classes during the academic year, there are fewer more comprehensive planners than the Aim High Teacher Planner. This planner covers monthly spreads that allow for weekly notes. The wire used to bind the planner is sturdy and keeps the pages together. There’s a spread for every week containing lesson plans, grade recording sections, and attendance sheets. The colorful hardbound cover offers year-round protection from drops and most sources of damage. There are also 46 tab stickers to help with bookmarking. The Aim High planner for teachers offers everything a teacher needs to stay organized.

AT-A-GLANCE Undated Teacher’s Planner

Having a plan book is important to any teacher. The black undated Teacher’s Planner helps teachers to keep tabs on their students, lecture notes and academic plans. The Undated Teacher’s Planner includes space for nine subject notes. There is also a double-page spread for many subjects. Keeping class records, seating arrangements, and student grades will never be easier. The planner book is convenient for use by most teachers and provides everything a teacher should have. The vertical alignment of the times helps teachers to organize classes and plan. One thing to note though is that this planner is arranged in weeks and is suited more for a regular academic year, so you may not be able to use it for a 12-month schedule without some adjustments.

Shiplies Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planner Academic Planner

This contains a full calendar year of pages that helps teachers to arrange their scheduled projects. Because it gives full months, it is easily separated by colorful tabs and separating weeks into full weekly views is also possible to give access to drilled-down plans. Using a thick hardcover protects the environmentally friendly paper pages from external damage from water or shock. It is also bound with a twin wire system and a plastic shell that keeps the binding safe from breaking. Shiplies put a lot of quality into the paper used for this planner. The paper is thick, doesn’t bleed and is durable enough to last as long as you need the planner.

Panda Planner Pro – Best Daily Planner

The Panda Planner Pro planner for teachers is organized in a way to ensure teachers get the most productivity easily from their daily planners. This planner for teachers is undated and offers monthly, weekly and daily views that can help you stay productive all year round. This planner comes with free e-Books that help with different valuable productivity hacks. This planner comes with about 6 months of daily pages and because it is undated, no page ever goes to waste. One of the best features is the Focus section that allows teachers to write on areas where they want to pay close attention to during the week or month – perfect for long-term classroom management & planning.

Did we miss any?

Make sure to let us know if you didn’t find anything you liked on this list – we are always happy to edit, expand, or change our recommendations to accommodate more teachers!


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