Write for Us

Are you an ESL teacher, student, or organization with something to say?  We’d love to share your story!

We are accepting posts of all shapes and sizes as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Relevant to the ESL teaching industry – this is the most important, our users are almost all current or aspiring ESL teachers and your content needs to appeal to them.
  • Not overly promotional – if you are trying to sell something or shamelessly promote your site, we’re not interested.  You need to have something interesting and relevant to talk about and we are happy to provide a backlink in return.
  • More than 750 words (we prefer 1000+) and not filled with spammy links OR more than one link to your site.
  • No affiliate links within the content

We accept 2 types of content:

  1. Interviews: we love interviewing people – if you are a teacher, student or school we’d love to get your story!  Interviews are usually conducted via email but we are also able to do video calls, etc.
  2. Blog Posts: if you’d rather create the content that’s fine too.  Please pitch us your idea before writing or contact us for some suggestions.

What we don’t accept:

  • Paid link opportunities (either within an existing piece of content or new content)
  • Irrelevant pitches, companies, individual or topics – it doesn’t matter how much you “love” our content or how often you claim to read it – we will not accept any pitches not related to teaching English.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch!

  • Please list the site that you will link to - linking to a business or monetized blog is fine if the content is good, but if you simply say "I link to reputable sites" then we won't respond.