Using Online Mentoring to Build Academically-Confident Students


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Successful students recognize that there are areas in their academics where they need expert advisers. Students these days utilize online mentoring jobs from sites such as to help them cope up with the requirements of their school. Even the smartest of students do not have all the answers and others have learned through their experiences thus they can give tips and guide others to succeed in a particular field.

Best Practices for Effective Online Mentoring

Online educators have a wide range of options in helping students in the learning spectrum. If you want to try mentoring jobs online, you may need to undergo training for different platforms related teaching and mentoring. There are also downloadable courses that students may use without any assistance, and online mentors can design and create courses to address the weaknesses of their clients. You have to assess your client’s needs for you to instruct, guide and teach them.

Online mentoring jobs apply various methods of learning. Once you’re hired as an online educator, you have to be available whenever they need clarifications or further discussions on a certain topic. Mentoring may be done via the following channels:

  • Emails
  • Voice Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Online forums
  • Learning Communities

Online mentors may start a discussion forum and allow students to work or discuss topics with each other. Being the moderator, you may give your inputs on assignments or projects without being too direct.

As an educator, your involvement in your student’s learning experience still depends on your field of expertise, your teaching style, and the student’s needs. Being aware of your student’s goals and providing the kind of service that they need is the key to being an effective mentor.

In dealing with learners and students, teachers or mentors should always give them space and opportunity to express their needs. Some might be hesitant in discussing their lessons, assignments or projects for fear of criticism thus it is crucial that they become comfortable with you to share their views or express their thoughts.

Availability of Online Mentors

Being an effective mentor also means that you can provide input for your students whenever necessary. You want to be sensitive to their needs without being a slave to their demands. You are there to provide help and assistance and should never do the task for them. Effective mentors, whether online or offline, help grow a student’s capacity to act on their own initiative.

Online Mentors for Different Fields

Schools and universities educate students with skills that they will use when they start working. However, while they are still in the learning process, competition for better grades can be tough. Understanding and coping with the lessons for each day can be too much for many students. They become burned out and can no longer understand their lessons well. This is where teacher mentors become beneficial. Students and parents all over the country have started utilizing modern technology to help them deal with the burden of going over the bulk of their lessons and discussions.

Many teachers have discovered the advantages of mentoring jobs online and are happy to assists students with their academics. However, you must also consider your teaching style before you start your online mentoring job. Being an effective online mentor requires good judgment, being a good communicator and maintaining good relationships.

If you’re interested in being an online mentor you can sign up on LearnOk.

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  1. Amusingly Explained!

    Yes, Mentoring is a system of semi-structured guidance whereby one person shares their knowledge, skills, and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives and careers.

    Mentoring plays a vital role in any organization whether it is used for students in the school or employees in an organization.

    Good Job!

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