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Lingo Live offers language training with a focus on the tech industry.  Their coaches all have at least 5 years of experience and work to provide live training to companies around the world.

We recently took some time to learn more about their history, their company, and their advice on teaching online.  This is what they said.

Can you introduce Lingo Live – what is your mission and how did you begin?

Lingo Live works with rapidly growing technology companies to solves communication challenges domestically and across the globe through task-based online coaching. 

Our founder & CEO, Tyler Muse, founded Lingo Live based on his own experience learning Spanish. Tyler wanted to learn Spanish for an upcoming trip to Cuba. He didn’t have time to go to in-person classes and he had no luck learning with software. His (now) wife found a woman in Guatemala on Craigslist and Tyler had his first lesson over Skype. Two years later, Tyler was completely fluent in Spanish and had built an incredible friendship with his coach Kathe. That’s when he started Lingo Live with the idea to combine the effectiveness of live instruction with the convenience of anytime, anywhere. 

Our mission, “To Connect People Through Learning,” highlights that learning is a social construct. We learn from people and we learn together. The relationship between a teacher and student is critical to the learning process. It creates a safe space for the student to make mistakes and find their true authentic voice in the target language. 

Lingo Live now works with companies like Twitter, Eventbrite, and Google to improve communication in their international and domestic workforces through language training. We teach 7 languages with a specialty in advanced English. 

What sets Lingo Live apart from your competition?

Lingo Live personalizes each lesson through our task-based learning curriculum. We work with students to improve their ability and confidence in the situations that they face every day at work and at home. Through our task-based method, all lessons are highly personalized to the individual. Our goal is to connect the student with a live coach, who knows exactly what you need to be working on. Lingo Live surpasses traditional language instruction and adds the additional focus of helping the individual find their authentic voice and truly be themselves in their target language. 

For teachers, what are some of the advantages to teaching through a company like Lingo Live?

At Lingo Live we know that our coaches are our most important asset. We provide our coaches with mentors, professional development opportunities, and opportunities to get involved in other capacities within the company. With the task-based framework we provide a structure but ultimately leave the lessons up to the teachers to find their own teaching styles and never make teachers work out of a textbook.

As a B2B company, our lesson counts and student flows are predictable, so there is no need to hunt for new students and the teachers’ projected monthly income is fairly predictable. 

We focus on the relationship between coaches and students, so teachers get to know their students instead of meeting students just once or twice. 

And of course, the main benefit of online teaching is that you get to work from home! 

What are some of the challenges your teachers face when transitioning from the traditional to the virtual classroom?

Technical issues will occasionally require the teacher to improvise.

Are there any must-have skills that a teacher needs in order to be successful online?

The main quality we look for in our teachers is the ability to light up the screen. It’s all about having an engaging personality and the ability to connect with your student. 

For teachers looking to get into online education, where should they start?  Are there any resources you recommend?

Here is a link to a blog post with 28 resources that our teachers recommend when teaching online.

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