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9 VIPKID Props to Take Your Classroom to the Next Level

Get more bookings and better feedback by using props – here are 9 props we love for VIPKID teachers.

How to Pass Your VIPKID Mock Class the First Time

The VIPKID mock class lasts 25 minutes. After choosing which level you’d like to get certified on, you’ll have to prepare two sets of slides and deliver a 10-minute class to a recruiter.
vidkid demo class

How to Pass Your VIPKID Demo Lesson the First Time

The demo class is a crucial step in the VIPKID interview process. Here’s all you need to know about it as well as plenty of tips to pass it with flying colors.
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How to Set Your VIPKID Classroom Up for Success

A breakdown of the props, lighting, and equipment you need for your VIPKid classroom setup to really standout + a few teachers to use as examples.

GoGoKid vs. VIPKid ⁠— Which Should You Work For?

Looking for an online English teaching job? Find the best company with the help of this GoGoKid vs VIPKid comparison

11 Companies Where You Can Teach English Online without a Degree

Unsure if you can teach English online without a degree? Rest easy because it’s not only possible, it’s quite common. Here’s how to start.
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19 Incredible Teaching Tools for Online Teachers

A big list of of awesome teachings tools aimed at making your life as online teacher easier – check out how each can help your next class!

How a Single Mom of 5 Went from Teacher to Lawyer and Back Again

Brett shares her experience of being a foster mother, lawyer and online teacher and why she wouldn’t trade it for the world!

China’s New Policy for Online Teachers Explained

A breakdown of the new regulations for Chinese online teaching companies including what’s changed and what you’ll need to qualify as a teacher.
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Online Teaching Tips: 15 Things I Wish I Had Known

Just getting into online teaching or wondering how to improve? Here are 15 online teaching tips from a current teacher to help you out!

Teacher Review: The Pros & Cons of Teaching for Magic Ears

Teacher Jenica shares her thoughts on teaching for Magic Ears for the past 2 years – see what she loves and thinks you need to be prepared for!

VIPKid Just Turned 5 – Here’s What They Have Planned for the Future

Can you believe VIPKid is 5 years old? Current teacher Luis walks us through how they celebrated, their history, and what they have planned for the future.
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Magic Ears Props

Magic Ears recommends you use at least 2 props in your classes – here are 10 of our favorites that can be used for different ages & abilities.
carly magic ears

Teacher Interview: What It’s Like to Teach Online with Magic Ears

Considering applying to Magic Ears? Carly shares how their application process works, what it’s like to teach for them, and how you can take on other roles to earn more money!

Review: What It’s Like to Teach Online for Hujiang

Thinking about applying to Huijing? Check out this in-depth look from two current teachers on their hiring process, requirements, and how much they pay.

Interview: How Cynthia & Niko Travel the World while Teaching Online

Online teaching provides a lot of freedom – see how Cynthia & Niko use their remote teaching positions to fund their world travels.
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How to Make Your Online Classroom Interesting for Students

Having an awesome online classroom makes it teaching online easier. Here are some tips from a current teacher to help get your classroom setup.