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JET Programme

The Complete Guide to the JET Program in Japan

The essential guide to teaching on the JET program in Japan. Everything you need to know, including the requirements, application process, salary and reviews.
teach private lessons in japan

The Pros & Cons of Being a Private English Tutor in Japan

A great look at the pros & cons of teaching private lessons in Japan + tips on how to get started.
teach japan criminal record

Can Teachers Get a Work Visa in Japan with a Criminal Record?

Thinking about teaching in Japan with a criminal record? It’s possible but not very easy – here’s where to start and what you need to know.

Teaching at a Private School in Japan – What It’s Like

Haley shares what it was like to teach at a private school in Japan, including commuting to classes, driving in Japan, and advice for those considering it.
what is eikaiwa

What Is an Eikaiwa and Should You Work at One?

Eikaiwas are English conversation schools in Japan and offer a lot of advantages for new ESL teachers – they also vary in quality and aren’t for everyone.

Requirements to Teach English in Japan: What Schools Are Looking for

Explore the requirements to teach English in Japan – broken out by what the government looks for as well as what each of school prefers.

Teaching Salaries in Japan: How Much You Can Make as an ESL Teacher?

Japan is great to teach in for a lot of reasons, but one of the biggest is that they pay their teachers really well – see how much each type of school pays.

How to Get a Work Visa to Teach in Japan

Teachers need a work visa in order to teach legally in Japan – here is how to get one complete with the required forms and process breakdown.