Do You Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach in Italy?

Whether it’s the pull of the cuisine or the culture, Italy remains a firm favorite when it comes to teaching English in Europe. The demand for jobs is high but competition can be fierce. Having a TEFL is not only a requirement for most schools in Italy, but it will set you up well for the demands of the job.

Here are some FAQs about the need for a TEFL in Italy.

Can I get a job teaching English in Italy without having a TEFL?

Having a TEFL qualification is a strong must to secure a job teaching English in Italy. While there will always be the token school that is laxer about requirements, you will find yourself at the lower end of the pay scale. If you want options when it comes to schools and you would like to start on a reasonable salary, having a TEFL is pretty much a necessity. Jobs are competitive and he more employable you are on paper, the more likely you are to find a job

Check out our piece on Teaching Salaries in Italy for other tips on boosting your salary!

Does it matter if I got my TEFL online or in person?

It doesn’t matter if your course is online or in person, he important thing is that your TEFL/CELTA/DELTA qualification is recognised and accredited.  If you have yet to get your TEFL qualification and you would like some more information, have a read up on the TEFL courses available. You can even get certified while in Italy – this blog offers a fantastic day by day account about doing a TEFL course in Florence.

Do I need to have teaching experience as well as a TEFL?

While having teaching experience is not an essential requirement, it will certainly give you a good foot in the door and help you stand out from all the other applicants – it may even increase your salary! Public schools will typically only hire teachers who do have experience, but private language schools are usually far less picky. Read more about the requirements for teaching English in Italy here.


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