Can You Teach English in Italy with a Criminal Record?

There isn’t a huge amount of information on this topic, but in general, it seems that it is possible to teach English in Italy with a criminal record. In certain circumstances, it may pose a bit more challenging to get work over someone who has a clean record, but it isn’t a flat out no. Our research shows it varies from employer to employer and depends what is on your criminal record.

Will schools do a background check on me?

The answer to this question is maybe. While some Government programs, International schools, and ESL companies will perform a background check, some places won’t. If you are hired as an independent contractor within a private language school, a background check may not be requested, though some individual schools may request one.

Will I still be hired if my criminal record shows up in the background check?

Again, the answer to this question is maybe. Just because you have a criminal record doesn’t mean that you will not get a job. In many cases, minor, non-violent or juvenile offenses should not stop you being offered work. More serious criminal offenses may be a different story, and it is recommended that you seek advice on this from your lawyer.

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Will having a criminal record affect my visa application?

The good news is that you are unlikely to be barred from entering Italy for having a criminal record. If you are asked to declare your criminal history, the rule of thumb seems to be that minor crimes rarely impact your entry or a visa. For more serious crimes, or to find out if your crime would qualify as a ‘minor crime’, it will be worth asking your lawyer or speaking to the Italian embassy in your homeland.

Our section on how to get a work visa to teach English in Italy will offer you more information on visa requirements.


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