Do You Need a Degree to Teach English in Italy?

Italy remains a popular destination to teach abroad and as a result, competition is high for quality jobs. While it is not absolutely necessary, having a degree will certainly be beneficial to you finding employment and it is common for many language schools to prioritize candidates who have a degree.

There will be schools that will be laxer on this requirement, but if you are up against other teachers who have a degree, the odds may swing in their favor. Read up more on the other requirements for teaching in Italy.

Does it matter what subject my degree is?

The answer to this question is no! Your degree does not have to be in English or education, it can literally be in any subject. Even if your subject is so distant from teaching English, say in Oceanography, it doesn’t matter. The fact is you have a degree.

I don’t have a degree. Will I still be able to teach English in Italy?

The answer is possibly. As mentioned above, it is not an absolutely necessary requirement. If you have a TEFL and no degree, you will still be considered by some employers. If you have no TEFL and no degree, your job search is going to be significantly more challenging and if you do manage to secure a job, you will be on a considerably lower salary than teachers who do meet these requirements.

Getting a degree just so you can teach English in Italy is a tall order, but you will certainly improve your chances of getting work if you get yourself TEFL certified. Read our page on Do you need a TEFL to teach English in Italy for more information about certifications.

Worried that you don’t meet the requirements?  Check out some other popular countries and explore your options.