5 Awesome Blog Posts about Teaching English in Italy

Italy remains one of the more popular European destinations to teach English. Whether it’s the delicious food, the rich culture or the fact there is a high demand for teachers that draws you to Italy, it is a destination worth checking out. Take some time out of your day to read these blogs about teaching English in Italy. They each offer an insight into the world of teaching, what you can expect from your experience and why Italy is a great place to teach English.

Verge Magazine: How to teach English abroad in Italy

A comprehensive look at the teaching opportunities in Italy, covering visas, where to work and how to find a job.

Link – How to Teach English abroad in Italy


Rick’s Rome – Teaching English in Rome

As the name suggests, this blog offers an insight into teaching English in Rome, from the perspective of a man named Rick. Rick touches on certifications, how to create a European friendly CV, types of teaching jobs available and how to look for a job.

Link – Rick’s Rome


Transitions Abroad: Teaching English in an Italian Public School

If you are interested in working in a public school in Italy, have a read of this blog. It talks about the advantages of working in a public school, as well as advice on the job application process and life inside a public school classroom.

Link – Teaching English in an Italian Public School

For more insight into the requirements for teaching in a public school, check out our page on requirements for teaching English in Italy.

From Nicola with Love: Teaching English in Italy – The First Month

Nicola writes about finding a position teaching English in Italy and how she got on with her first month in her new job. A great insight into a teacher’s first experience in Italy. She also has links to her other blogs on how she found her TEFL course in Florence.

Link – Teaching English in Italy – the first month


Italy Project: 7 Best Practices for Promoting Yourself as an English Teacher in Italy

This blog offers some handy advice on how to sell yourself as an English teacher in Italy and how to establish a network of students to fill up your teaching schedule.

Link – 7 Best Practices for Promoting Yourself as an English Teacher in Italy



From advice on how to write a European CV to life in a public school classroom, we hope these blogs have offered you more of an insight into teaching English in Italy. Our other pages on Italy will give you further information about various aspects of teaching in this fantastic and diverse European country.


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