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I’m delighted in knowing how much China by teaching has done for me. I have taught in China going on two years and if it wasn’t for China by teaching I would not be here today. There staff and support were there for me 24/7. Their dedicated staff was there for sending me the perfect job and gave me options and guidance about living in China. I highly recommend China by teaching to anyone thinking about moving to China. China by teaching all the way!


I have worked as an ESL teacher in several countries around the world and used a number of different recruiting agencies. In my experience China by teaching are by far the most professional and dedicated group that I have used. They cater for individuals needs and found me the exact job I was hoping for. Teaching in Beijing has been a great adventure and if it wasn’t for the support of China by teaching the hiring process would have been a lot more difficult. I’d highly recommend them to friends interested in moving to China.


How We Help

Our placement services are free and ensure you get a legal job in the location you want.

School Introductions

We help find schools that match your criteria and then arrange interviews that fit your time zone.

Interivew Prep

We’ll help you prepare for your interview, determine what questions to ask, and assist you with your demo lesson plan.

Contract Negotiation

We’ve seen 100’s of contracts are are here to make sure there aren’t any surprises in yours.

Paperwork Organization

Between your job application, contract, and visa documents, paperwork can get pretty overwhelming.  We’re here to help you stay organized and make sure you’ve got everything you need.

Arrival Planning

Need to know who is picking you up from the airport or the exact address of your school?  We’ve got you covered.

Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t stop at the border – we’re here to help make sure everything goes smoothly once in China.

Answers to Your Questions about Teaching in China

Do I need to be a native English speaker?

Yes, in order to teach legally in China, you will need to be a native speaker as denoted by your passport.

Do I need a bachelor’s degree?

Yes, all applicants need at least a bachelor’s (or equivalent) degree.  This will need to be authenticated in your home country.

Can I teach with a criminal record?

No, any criminal record (including arrests without convictions) will disqualify you from getting a legal working visa.

Do I need a TEFL or other teaching certificate?

No, having a TEFL is not mandatory but can help you land better-paying jobs.

Do I need any teaching experience?

No, it’s perfectly fine to have no teaching experience and most schools will offer some form of training.  However, if you do not have a TEFL or teaching certificate, you will need 2 years of general work experience before you’re eligible to work in China – this can be in any industry.