Drama Teacher in Hangzhou Top Public High School

Arriving Time: End of August 2019

Vacancies: Drama teacher School type: Public

Job type: full time


1️⃣Working hours: 30-32.5 hours per week (includes 12-16 teaching hours )

2️⃣Salary: 20K before tax

3️⃣Housing allowance as 4K

4️⃣Flight allowance: 10K

5️⃣Holidays: 12 national public holidays +10 paid annual leaves+paid winter holiday

6️⃣Medical insurance: covered

7️⃣Students age:15-17

8️⃣Class size: 20-25 students



✅Campus located in a central city

✅Professional and supportable management team

✅Friendly working environment with well-equipped classroom



1️⃣ Bachelor degree with a teaching license as preferred

2️⃣ working visa qualified

3️⃣ Highly skilled educators with the ability to engage and motivate high performing students

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  • Location: China
  • Salary: 20000CNY
  • Posted on: August 12, 2019