Shanghai – Beijing – Shenzhen: Up to $3k, free TEFL, flight reimbursement, contract bonus

To Apply
Please send a copy of your resume, passport, and proof of education to

School Description

Beile Training School English is one of the most recognized language schools in China. We have 30 schools in different cities in China, and in Beijing we have 21 centers. We have nearly 300 English teachers from all over the world that have worked at Beile for years and can help show you the ropes. Teachers in our centers enjoy a fun work culture with lots of team building activities. It’s a great place to meet people!

Beile provides an all English emersion experience for children aged 3-12. For younger students 3-5 we have all day classes, otherwise older children attend Beile either after school or on weekends to supplement their schooling. We have a strong, fully developed curriculum based off a McGraw Hill K-12 program from America, focused on teaching students’ useful subjects like Language Arts, Science, and Math. You will play games, dance, and engage the students using an interactive whiteboard. Class sizes are normally between 10 to 15 kids. In each class, you will have a Chinese teacher that speaks English and supports you with classroom management.


  • Native English speaker
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree
  • TEFL/TESOL/CELTA (can be provided)
  • Passionate about working with children
  • Eager to learn and grow
  • Eligible for work visa in China

Responsibilities for Teachers at Beile:

  • Class size: 10 – 15 students in one class.
  • Class length: 45 minutes to 60 minutes containing various teaching techniques.
  • Working Hours: No more than 40 hours per week. Teaching hours are around 20-25 hours each week, the rest will be office hours including parent-teacher meetings, academic meetings, workshops, lesson planning, lesson practicing, and marketing activities. You are provided with 2 days off per week, generally 2 weekdays as determined by the center.
  • Curriculum: Textbooks and teaching materials developed based off McGraw-Hill educational resources. We provide full lessons plans, PowerPoints, resources, and an interactive white board to assist you with delivering the lesson to students. Training on the curriculum is provided initially and throughout the year.
  • Chinese Teaching Assistant: You will be assisted with a bilingual Chinese teacher for each class to help with class management and relationship management with the parents. You must cooperate with this individual to coordinate lesson delivery.

What We Offer our Teachers:

  • 10,000 RMB contract completion bonus!
  • 10,000 RMB airfare reimbursement after contract completion
  • Visa Assistance in acquiring sponsored legal Z Work Visa
  • Able to transfer over current visas or start the visa process from scratch
  • Rewarding work with great students!
  • Training on our curriculum and teaching best practices

Your compensation will include:

  • Monthly income: base salary 20,100 – 22,500 RMB(2,920 – 3,265 USD), 80 teaching hours included.
    • Class bonus: 70-100 RMB teaching hour rate for hours worked on top of 80 teaching hours per month (Generally 110 teaching hours per month). Monthly teaching hour bonus when reach 100 teaching hours – 1000 RMB, over 120 teaching hours – total 1500 RMB. Monthly bonus 500 RMB to 1200 RMB depends on teaching performance.  (A senior ESL teacher should make more than 23,500 RMB before tax per month.)

We classify basic compensation into different tiers:

  1. Have BA, no TEFL/TESOL: 20,100 RMB
  2. Have BA, have TEFL/TESOL: 20,400 RMB
  3. Have BA, have American or Canadian government issued teaching license, but no TEFL/TESOL: 21,500 RMB
  4. Have BA, have American or Canadian government issued teaching license, and have TEFL/TESOL: 22,500 RMB
  • Demo Class Bonus: 50 RMB for every new student sign-up.
  • Sponsored TEFL Certificate Course: Free TEFL online course for you to boost your salary and experience.
  • Renewal contract airfare bonus: 15,000RMB ($2,170 USD) bonus after resigning the second- year contract.
  • Overtime: If you exceed working 40 hours per week, overtime rest hours or compensation will be provided at the discretion of your manager.
  • Insurance: Free commercial health insurance and emergency assistance.
  • Paid Holidays: Chinese public holidays off (the specifics will be arranged by your center), around 10-15 days off during the Chinese Lunar New Year.
  • PTO Leave: 5 paid days annual leave.
  • Sick Leave: 1 paid sick day off per month, 50% salary paid out for other days (with doctor’s note).

Other benefits include:

  • Organized team-building activities
  • Free Chinese lessons
  • 5,000 RMB (720 USD) interest free loan upon completion of training
  • Contract extension will benefit from 1,000-2,000 RMB (142-285 USD) pay raise depending on performance
  • Opportunities for career advancement to head foreign teacher

To Apply

Please send a copy of your resume, passport, and proof of education to
  • Job Details

  • Beile

  • Location: China
  • Salary: 22,000 RMB
  • Posted on: May 20, 2020

 We're hiring in China!

  • + $3k USD per month + FREE TEFL
  • + Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen
  • + Must be native speaker with degree