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PlanetESL is a recruiting and teacher placement agency operating out of Seoul, South Korea over 15 years. We have extensive experience in the ESL field in Korea and really understand the needs and concerns of teachers coming to a foreign country to work and live. Our aim at PlanetESL today more than ever is to provide comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional guidance to prospective ESL teachers who have the sincere desire to come to South Korea to teach English while at the same time learning about the richness and uniqueness of Korean culture and everyday life.


We strive, through dedication, hard work and genuine care for our teachers, to ensure that they are fully prepared for what to expect here, both in terms of the culture and lifestyle of Korea and in terms of contracts and working conditions. Because of our integrity, commitment to our teachers and our extensive first-hand experience in this industry, PlanetESL has quickly become well known and highly respected for the professionalism and genuine care with which we place every teacher.


Our Goal For Teachers

Our goal is to provide PlanetESL teachers with all the tools, information and support they need to perform the best that they can and get the most possible enjoyment out of their experience in Korea.


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I was very pleased to find PlanetESL while looking for work in Korea. PlanetESL made the process of interviewing, obtaining a visa and the requisite paperwork easy. Most importantly they lined me up with a reputable school that has delivered everything promised in terms of salary, benefits and housing. I would be happy to trust PlanetESL for future recruitment and to recommend their services. – Michael


I am writing to you to thank you for all the time you have invested in me I truly do appreciate it, you were very honest , kind and patient to say the least lol. Thank you SO SO MUCH !! – Adam



How to apply: You can send us an email with your resume and a recent photo to The best method to apply is through our site.

Our current jobs

Location: Gangnam, Seoul

Airfare: One Way


Distance from School: 5 minutes

Age Group:Kindergarten/Elementary

Class Size: 10 students

Class Length:40 minutes

Working Days:M – F

Teaching Hours: 9am-6pm

Base hrs/week/month:120/month

Salary:2.2M-2.3M won

Overtime Rate: 20,000

Severance Pay: 1 Month

Vacation Days: 10

Sick Leave:3

Health Insurance:50%/50%

Pension: 50%/50%

Number of Korean Teachers:10

Number of Foreign Teachers:10

Staring Date: Sep/Oct 2020

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  • Location: Korea
  • Salary: tbd
  • Posted on: July 28, 2020