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Website Magic Ears

Online Chinese ESL school teaching children ages K-12

Join us at magic ears making $18-$22 base pay teaching Chinese children English! Magic Ears offers 25 minute lesson with up to 4 students in the classroom. Once you are hired as a teacher, you may have the opportunity to move up to other secondary positions as well such as leading teacher workshops, becoming an interviewer, working on writing curriculum, or becoming a social media administrator! Join us at our facebook Q and A Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagicEarsQA/

Here are the Requirements and FAQs:

1. Is a degree required?

~Not required, but preferred if teaching/education related

2. Is a certificate required?

~Required (can be substituted with ESL teaching experience, 2 years online or 5 years offline)

3. Do you hire both native and non-native teachers?


4. Can they teach from any location around the world?

~Yes, but must be  North American natives

5. What are the minimum bandwidth requirements?

~Stability over bandwidth, we will make all the tests.  1MB/s is fine.

6. What OS do they need?

~We are compatible with both iOS and Windows teaching platform NOT COMPATIBLE WITH CHROMEBOOK

For windows, later than win7. For Mac, Later than MacOSX 10.11

CPU at least i3, RAM at least 2G,

7. What are the peak hours?

~ 18:30 – 21 Beijing time (https://goo.gl/rpJC7j)

8. What are the minimum hours per week/month?

~ Minimum requirement of 6 hours/week

9. What is the pay rate and are there any bonuses?

~ $22-26 ($18  Basic pay OR $22 per hour with Bonus if you come to class 8-10 minutes early + Bonus if you open more than 60 slots per month) More bonuses may apply once hired based on performance.

10. Are the students adults or kids?

~ Kids – K-12

11. How to apply for the job? Is there a direct URL, do they need to message you, etc.?

~ https: //t.mmears.com?referralCode=T131322 This link will get your application priority viewing

12. What is the website?


To apply for this job email your details to carleywebb60@gmail.com

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