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So glad you finally found Magic Ears. =)

  • $22-$26/hour
  • Use as much “incidental language” as you want!
  • Unlimited cancellations: cancel class when you need–No penalties for missing classes due to illness
  • You’re a human: be part of a family, not a big corporation
  • Teach from the comfort of your home!
  • You are not just one of 30,000 of teachers- we are a small, yet growing company where you can stand out!
  • Get your first booking within days of being hired!
  • Classes are not booked by parents–no waiting months for someone to notice your profile. You are paired with a student automatically. That’s fair.
  • Enjoy using a dynamic teaching platform that engages students with interactive games, videos, and songs.

Know anything about “incidental language?”
We don’t need to worry about that at Magic Ears.

Other companies are very strict in making teachers say exactly, word-for-word, what the sentence is on the screen. No filler words, no “incidental language.”
Just read what’s on the screen, or else you will be reprimanded.

I had contracted the habit from VIPKID, constraining myself to bare-bones English.
In my Magic Ears preparation, Daisy at Magic Ears told me multiple times I could fill the silence with chit chat (almost like a game show host does).

This is in fact true immersion language learning.
Incidental language is actually helpful, not harmful.
It’s also easier.

Bookings are not decided by the student or parent. Instead, the teachers are shuffled around in a carousel and assigned to students.
For this reason you don’t need to compete for a student or parent to choose you.

You don’t need to wait weeks or even months for students to start rolling in,
or wait to build up your base, or grow and cultivate your crop of student favorites,
or wait until you see consistency with your schedule.
You’ll get your first booking within days of being hired!

A common issue at VIPKID is, “How do I get more bookings?” or “How do I get booked?”
That’s simply a non-issue at Magic Ears because of how a teacher is paired with students.

Other things I like about Magic Ears are the company culture–it feels like a family and not a bloated, bureaucratic corporation sending you impersonal form letters. I like the teaching platform–every other slide has an animation or a button you click and then there’s a song.

You can move the student’s image (video) around the screen, and you can move your own image around the screen.

You can double-click your image and instantly you take up the entire screen.
Double-click it again and you’re normal size. This comes in handy when you want to grab the student’s attention.

You can click you and one student and greet that student–you both balloon up to fill the screen.
Then the next student (you often teach 2 or 3 or even 4 students, like a little classroom…less pressure that way). Greeting each one at a time.

You can have two students take a maze. Not just a still image of a maze on the screen, but the students themselves (their images) can move across the maze, or across the hopscotch!

You can adjust the boldness and smoothness of your writing pen. You can adjust the color of it.
I can make my pen (teacher’s pen) blue and the student’s pen red or pink or their favorite color.

The slides are interactive. For example one slide has dozens of stones and a shovel pictured.
The student clicks on one stone, and you watch the shovel move over to that stone, dig up the stone, and under the stone is a word! The student reads the word.
Now the next student clicks on a stone. Same thing.

There’s no cancellation policy! At other companies, you get terminated after 6 cancellations.
Magic Ears wants you to call in sick when you’re sick. If you aren’t up to teaching well, then cancel your classes. You won’t be terminated.
Magic Ears wants teachers teaching at their best, not their worst. That’s smart.

If you decide to apply and want Priority Viewing,then click the link below.

Once you’ve done that, I’m officially your mentor and I can help you get the job.

P.S. If you decide to apply, be sure you check the ESL box when filling out the app.

P.P.S. Priority Viewing is you get bumped up ahead of other people who didn’t sign up with a referral link.
Magic Ears used to have way fewer candidates and then it wasn’t important if you have a code/link, or you just bumped into M.E. More people now applying, so this is easier and important for M.E. to know who came with a referral.

Usually it’s our friends, teachers with experience, colleagues we know are good, so of course Magic Ears gives them priority. I help Magic Ears find you, Magic Ears gives me the bonus for it and priority for you, because Magic Ears appreciates what I’m doing for them. Simple.

To apply for this job please visit t.mmears.com.

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