Yantai University
March 22, 2021
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Job Description

I.Working Position

 1.Party A shall employ Party B as English teacher for the following workload: 

 The workload of Party B each week shall be 10 working hours (each working hour shall be 45 minutes.) For workload exceeding 10 hours, Party A shall pay Party B additionally in accordance with the standard of RMB 100 for each additional working hours for addiontal working hours after each semester. Each week Party B shall offer one hours office work for the students( not paid). Party A may adjust the workload of Party B in accordance with the current situation. Additional payment shall be paid after each semester.

2.Party B shall offer grades and final papers to Party A within 10 days after the termination of the finals.

3. contract term:from August 2021 to July 2022.

II. Payment

1. Party A  shall pay Party B RMB 7,800 per month (before tax). Any additional payment shall be paid after each semester.  

2. Party A shall offer Party B RMB 10000 (Ten Thousand RMB) as international air allowance, which shall be paid before the contract terminates. 

3.Party A shall pay Party B RMB 1000 each semester as tourist allowance, which shall be paid after each semester. he 

4.Party A shall pay Party B up to RMB 1000(one Thousand RMB) medical expense for any cost not covered by medical insurance each semester within the contract term, and Party B shall offer the invoice offered by the hospital or clinic. 

5.In case party B is qualified for this contract term and is willing to renew the contract, a months salary shall be paid as bonus at the beginning of the next contract term.

6. Party A shall offer Party a flat for accomation or accomation allowance not exceeding RMB 1800 per month in accordance with Party B's selection.

III Requirements

1. Native speaker with teaching qualifications , university teaching background, BA preferred, with teaching experience in China  or living in China preferred.


To apply, email 109218747@qq.com

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