The 5 Best TEFL Courses in Thailand

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Everyone loves Thailand. From the white sand beaches to the bustling rows of delicious street food, it’s hard to find a better spot to get your TEFL certificate.

Even if you’re not looking for a local teaching job, most TEFL providers in Thailand provide internationally accredited certificates that work as well in China as they do in Mexico.  Oh, and did we mention that it’s one of the most affordable TEFL locations in the world?  Getting an in-class TEFL in here will still put some travel money in your pocket when compared to other locations.

This guide is designed to help you get acquainted with some different TEFL options in Thailand and choose a program that is best suited to you so that you can land an ESL job without issue!

In a hurry?  Here are our top picks:

Best Overall TEFL in Thailand: CELTA through International House Bangkok

It doesn’t get much better than a CELTA when it comes to English teaching certificates and International House of Bangkok has one of best around.

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Best Budget TEFL in Thailand: International TEFL Academy

Not many companies do TEFL better than ITA – they offer a comprehensive course catalog + unparalleled support and have helped thousands of teachers get jobs in Thailand and beyond.

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Here are the rest:

The Top TEFL Certificates in Thailand

Xplore Asia TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

TEFL and TESOL are essentially equivalent qualifications that utilize different acronyms. Our biggest qualm with this program is that the name sounds kind of gimmicky. That might not matter so much to you, but keep it in mind when considering future employers checking credentials. Xplore Asia is accredited through The Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency. The certification is unique from others as it offers Thai culture, politics, and language classes as a part of the program. You will have to contact XploreAsia directly through their website to gain more information as a lot of the details of the program are not publicly available.

Course Details:

  • Location: Chiang Mai or Hua Hin
  • Time commitment: 4 weeks, 120 hours
  • Observed teaching hours: unspecified (reported: 4)
  • Rigor score: 6/10
  • Price: contact XploreAsia directly (reported: $1400)
  • Housing: available at an additional price
  • Guaranteed job placement: yes

The Good

  • Xplore does a great job with job placement within Thailand

The Bad

  • No location in Bangkok

Best for: students looking to learn about Thai society as well as TEFL standards.

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TEFL Campus

If you want to get your TEFL by the beach in beautiful Phuket, this might be the certification for you. TEFL Campus specializes exclusively in TEFL courses in Thailand and is accredited through the Thailand Ministry of Education.

  • Location: Phuket
  • Time commitment: 4 weeks, 120 hours
  • Observed teaching hours: 6 sessions (of unspecified length)
  • Rigor score: 7/10
  • Price: $1,490 USD
  • Housing: included at an additional price
  • Guaranteed job placement: no, but job support provided

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International TEFL Academy

The International TEFL Academy has locations worldwide and is accredited through the Training Qualifications UK Centre (TQUK). Perhaps one of the most well known TEFL providers to date, ITA offers in-the-classroom training and is well-reviewed by former students who are now happy teachers in Thailand.  

  • Location: Chiang Mai
  • Time commitment: 4 weeks, 120 hours
  • Observed teaching hours: unspecified
  • Rigor score: 7/10
  • Price: $895 (6 weeks in advance enrollment) $995 (3-6 weeks in advance), $1095 (enrolled within 3 weeks of start date) USD
  • Housing: not included
  • Guaranteed job placement: no, but job support provided

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CELTA through International House (IH) Bangkok

The CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is widely recognized within the ESL community as being one of the most prestigious TEFL qualifications that a teacher can achieve. CELTA courses are rigorous and are all strictly regulated by Cambridge University.

After attaining a CELTA and teaching for several years, there are other higher qualifications you can earn such as the DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). If you plan on making teaching ESL your career and are looking for upward mobility in the future, we strongly recommend that you choose CELTA when deciding on your TEFL course in Thailand. Many of the high-end language academies, schools, and Universities will not accept any other TEFL certification.

  • Location: Bangkok or Chiang Mai
  • Time commitment: 4 weeks, 120 hours
  • Observed teaching hours: 6
  • Rigor score: 9/10
  • Price: $1,600 USD
  • Housing: can be included for an additional cost (more common in Chiang Mai package)
  • Guaranteed job placement: no

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Other Concerns when Choosing a TEFL

When considering any teaching certification, it’s important to figure out the types of schools you like and keep those in mind when looking at where other graduates have accepted jobs.

You should also consider how much budget affects your decision as some of the best TEFL qualifications are also the priciest. Also, bear in mind that cost does not always equate to quality and plenty of certificates price themselves like a CELTA but deliver far less value.

All in all, there is really no right or wrong when deciding on which Thailand TEFL program is the one for you, so long as you know your own goals and are able to set your own priorities. We wish you the best of luck in your future teaching career and hope that this guide will help you pick the best TEFL course in Thailand for your situation!