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80 Hour Online TEFL Certification Course

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Course Type TEFL
Length 80 Hours
Price $$178
Location Online
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About 80 Hour Online TEFL Certification Course

You earn TWO certificates. An 80-Hour TEFL certificate and a 20-Hour TEYL certificate.

The 80-hour TEFL Fundamentals PLUS course has everything a teacher needs to understand how a successful EFL classroom works and provides the skills you need to succeed.  Included with this course is module for Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL).  Most teachers will teach young learners sometime in their career and that is where many of us start out. Young learners are exciting and challenging and there are some specific skills and bits of knowledge you will need to do your best. And that information is here for you.

As you can see from the course content (in the right sidebar) we are not only interested in providing you with excellent course content to help you be a better teacher, we also want to help you succeed working abroad.

Your evaluation to earn your certificate consists of an examination and an assigned topic lesson project..

If your work does not support a passing grade, you will be told what the issue is and where and how to find the information you need to resolve it and asked to resubmit the work in question. Our goal is your success and we will support you in completing your course.

Experienced teachers can expect that this course will not take the full 80 hours including time working on the examination and lesson plan projects. New or inexperienced teachers should expect it to take the full 80 hours.

You are allowed one year to complete the course.

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