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150hr Australian Accredited TEFL Course

Course Highlights

Course Type TEFL
Length 150 Hours
Price $1798
Location Vietnam
Discount Free Accommodation

About 150hr Australian Accredited TEFL Course

This is a 150 hour, face to face TEFL certificate that is internationally recognised. My partner TEFL provider is accredited by the Australian government so teachers will be able to use the qualification to teach not only in Vietnam but all over the world! Full accommodation is provided for the length of this 4-week course which can be taken in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). This also comes with dedicated job assistance.

Requirements: Unfortunately, we cannot offer dedicated job assistance to people from Africa, India, the Philippines, the Middle East, Jamaica, Bulgaria due to government restrictions on work permits and visas. However, they may still take the course.

– 4 weeks TEFL training all in-class
– small class sizes- 17 max
– Minimum 7 hours of teaching practice and observation
– Written assignments
– Excellent facilities and resources
– Trainer with minimum 5 years of teaching experience
– Welcome meal
– City tour
– Free accommodation for the duration of the course
– Basic job assistance

The benefits of this course are that:
– It will guarantee you a job in Vietnam with a work permit and all of the required visas (if you are also a native English speaker with a degree)
– It will guarantee you a job all over the world because it is an internationally recognised qualification (if you are also a native English speaker with a degree)
– It focuses on teaching all ages, but in particular kids, which is perfect for Vietnam because it is the main age group
– The course leaders receive exceptional, second to none feedback and are really awesome!
– You will earn the money back for the cost of the course in just a few months of teaching in Vietnam because the wages are good and the cost of living is low

About Teacher's Friend

Teacher's Friend Vietnam is a small, local business that puts teacher's needs first. Run by Georgie, an ESL expert who has lived and taught in Vietnam for 2.5 years, and also taught all over the world, Teacher's Friend has a great reputation for being trustworthy, experienced and honest. She is kind, friendly, trustworthy and always has your best interests at heart. She works with the best TEFL provider and language centers in Vietnam to bring you a high quality, well organized and fun experience. She will be there for you every step of the way to help you with anything and everything and really will be your guide, mentor and friend. She has excellent reviews for always going above and beyond expectations and is extremely friendly and approachable. People who sign up with Teacher's Friend are never disappointed.