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150 Hour Premium Course

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Course Type TEFL
Length 150 Hours
Price $$269
Location Online
Discount N/A

About 150 Hour Premium Course

As more travelers are looking to teach English as a second language abroad, the demand for the highest-paying TEFL positions is at an all-time high. An IELTS certification will guarantee you a competitive edge over other candidates and ensure you appeal to employers all over the world.

Our premium 150 hour course package is perfect for first-time TEFL teachers who are looking to stand out in the global job market. By combining 120 hours of comprehensive online TEFL tuition with 30 hours of IELTS preparation, you’ll be more confident in the classroom while boosting your salary expectations. With over 2 million IELTS English Language Proficiency Tests take each year, trained and experienced IELTS teachers have their pick of teaching positions worldwide.

Not only is our 150 hour course fully accredited, it’s delivered online for ultimate freedom. With unlimited access, you have the flexibility to study at your own space, whenever and wherever it suits you, on any device in any location. You’ll also have personal tutor support to ensure you get TEFL qualified as efficiently and easily as possible.

About Premier TEFL

With 25 years of TEFL journeys between us, we know the ins and outs of teaching English abroad. We train our English teachers to be confident, impactful travelers who are ready to explore the entire world. Our internationally recognized, fully accredited online courses are comprehensive, easy to follow, and give you the exact information you need to start teaching English as a foreign language.