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Teach Young Learners (TEYL) 40 Hour Online TEFL Course

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Course Type TEFL Specialization
Length 40 Hours
Price $$82
Location Online
Discount N/A

About Teach Young Learners (TEYL) 40 Hour Online TEFL Course

Module 1: What is eLearning and what are its benefits
  • Introduction to eLearning
  • Benefits of eLearning
  • Video: Four key eLearning trends for increasing learning engagement
  • Blended learning
  • Why online students like blended learning
  • Main benefits to integrating LMS
  • Online learning Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Approaching Online Learning
  • What is an online discussion?
  • Video: Talking multimedia learning
  • Module 1: Quiz
Module 2: Using new ways and interactive web tools to communicate in online instruction
  • Why is elearning so effective
  • eLearning trends
  • Teach attitudes and the benefits of new technology in learning
  • Technological tool effectiveness
  • Equipment and skills to start integrating technology with students
  • Video: Technology in the Classroom
  • Evaluation Activities
  • Search engines
  • Do´s and dont´s
  • Module 2: Quiz
Module 3: Learn how to use online chat and email in teaching
  • Advantages of chat rooms in eLearning
  • How to integrate different types of chat rooms
  • Video: Virtual Classroom Tools: Chat
  • Vocabulary in the chat
  • How emailing works and its benefits
  • Using blogs and forums
  • Video: Working with blogs in Moodle
  • Collaborative Projects: Focus on reading and writing exchange
  • Video: Google Docs (for collaborative project-works)
  • Module 3: Quiz
Module 4: Getting ready for the future using electronic materials for teaching purposes
  • What skills will students need in the 21st century?
  • Thoughts on the future of teaching and learning
  • From chalkboards to chat boards
  • What will happen to teachers?
  • Preparing and supporting online teachers
  • Skills of online teachers
  • Steps to create an online course
  • Determine how to deliver materials
  • Create an introductory announcement
  • Why do teachers need and want to change the way they teach
  • How do teachers want to teach online?
  • Module 4: Final Quiz

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