Online Teaching Equipement: 5 Headsets to Make Sure You’re Heard

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Online

Headsets are becoming a must-have piece of online teaching equipment thanks to their superior sound and voice quality – here are 3 worth considering.

As an online teacher, you’re often only as good as your online teaching equipment.  After all, even if you have blazing fast internet what’s the point if they can’t see or hear you?  The unfortunate reality is that too many educators neglect to consider investing in quality equipment like headsets and instead rely on stock options that can be lacking.

Headsets for online teaching are one such piece of online teaching equipment and despite being the less-than-flattering, they are actually quite practical when it comes to teaching online and can make a huge impact for both teachers and students.

Benefits of Using a Headset

  • Hear – anyone that tells you that you can hear just as well through computer speakers as you can through headphones as a liar.  Unless you’re in a soundproof room, you are going to be competing with outside sounds.  A quality headset will ensure you hear only what’s important – your students.
  • Be heard – did I mention headsets also have a built in microphone?  That means you’re speaking directly into a mic vs. trying to shout into some invisible hole that may or may not be located on the front of your laptop.
  • Focus – there is a psychological influence at work here as well – if you only use your headset to teach, your mind will begin to associate its use with work and will serve as a productivity anchor whenever you put it on.

Choosing a Headset

Unfortunately, all headsets are not created equal when it comes to online teaching equipment and functionality tends (unsurprisingly) to correlate with price.  Luckily, there are plenty of headsets out there that are both functional and affordable and we have done our best to identify 5 with varying price points.

Online HeadsetsSystemFeaturesPriceBuy
Logitech USB H110
teaching headset h110
-Windows-6ft cord$Check Prices
Logitech H390
teaching headset h390
-Noise canceling mic
$$Check Prices
Plantronics PLNAUDIO478-Windows
-HD sound
-Skype certified
$$Check Prices
Zelher P30-Windows
-Noise canceling
$$$$Check Prices
Plantronics CS510
teaching headset cs510
-Noise canceling
-350ft range
$$$$Check Prices

teaching headset h110Logitech USB H110 Stereo Headset

Price: $14 dollars on Amazon

Summary: The USB H110  is one of the low-cost headset available and is superior in comparison to other headsets in the same price category.  Logitech USB H110 stereo headset comes with the universal serial bus jack. It is advantageous because it is compatible with any computer used for online teaching .it is easy to use as you just plug and you are ready to go does not require any software has a long cord which is 6 foot. An advantage of having these headsets enables is that you as an online teacher to move freely or stand when you get tired of sitting, also it allows you to be able to reach out for items which are not close enough.

teaching headset h390Logitech H390

Price: $40-$50 on Amazon

Summary: The H390 has gained popularity over time and is a great option when it comes to online teaching equipment because it has a noise canceling microphone, allowing for clear communication between all parties. In addition, it’s crafted to be very comfortable and has adjustable padded headbands and earpads which make it pretty comfortable if you’re going to wear it all day like a lot of teachers. It’s also worth noting that the H390 will work with any system, meaning you’re good to go regardless of if you’re using a Mac or Windows machine.

teaching headset cs510Plantronics CS510

Price: $170 on Amazon

Summary: If you want the best in terms of comfort and functionality, then the Plantronics CS510 is the answer.  Not only is it wireless with a range of 350 feet, it also employs voice-dedicated technology to remove interference and provide better audio quality.  Despite the high price tag, this headset really is an asset as it offers superior sound quality plus the ability for the teacher to move around freely.

Just like consistent and high-speed internet, headsets are becoming a piece of online teaching equipment that many schools expect you to have.   Even if they aren’t a requirement, our advice is to get ahead of the curve and invest in a solid pair to ensure that you and your students can be heard and understood clearly.

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