VIPKid Just Turned 5 – Here’s What They Have Planned for the Future

Can you believe VIPKid is 5 years old? Current teacher Luis walks us through how they celebrated, their history, and what they have planned for the future.
teach online magic ears

Magic Ears Props

Magic Ears recommends you use at least 2 props in your classes – here are 10 of our favorites that can be used for different ages & abilities.
link wechat bank

China Teachers: Here’s How to Link Wechat and Your Bank Card

Wechat might be one of the greatest apps ever and it can make your time in China much easier – here is how to link it with your bank in order to make payments easier in the mainland.
teaching english in beijing - poppy

Teaching English in Beijing: A Current Teacher Shares Her Experience

Thinking about teaching English in Beijing – here are some tips from a current teacher on why she chose Beijing, what she likes about the city and what her average day is like!
carly magic ears

Teacher Interview: What It’s Like to Teach Online with Magic Ears

Considering applying to Magic Ears? Carly shares how their application process works, what it’s like to teach for them, and how you can take on other roles to earn more money!

Review: What It’s Like to Teach Online for Hujiang

Thinking about applying to Huijing? Check out this in-depth look from two current teachers on their hiring process, requirements, and how much they pay.
teach for ef logo

Teacher Interview: Pros and Cons of Teaching for EF in China

Thinking about working for EF? Here’s a short interview on what one teacher liked and didn’t like about teaching for the company in China.

Interview: How Cynthia & Niko Travel the World while Teaching Online

Online teaching provides a lot of freedom – see how Cynthia & Niko use their remote teaching positions to fund their world travels.

What Is a Chinese Training Center and Should You Work at One?

Training centers are everywhere in China and are hiring teachers by the boatload – here’s what you need to know about their schedule and pay before taking a job at one.
Georgie Interview

Vietnam Recruiter Interview: Finding a Good Job, Common Mistakes, and Your First Day

A great interview with Georgia from Teacher’s Friend Vietnam – she discusses how to to get a quality job, things to look out for, and what to expect on your first day.
teach english in beijing

What It’s Like to Teach English in Beijing – A Teacher’s Account

Thinking about teaching in Beijing? Here’s what one former teacher had to say about the city, salary, and preparing for arrival.

What It’s Like Teaching in Shenzhen, China

Thinking about teaching in Shenzhen? Here’s what to expect, what it’s like for teachers, and some areas of the city to check out for schools.
teach in korea without a degree

Is It Possible to Teach in Korea without a Degree?

It is not possible to teach in Korea without a degree – here is what you need to know and some possible other options.
teach in china with criminal record

Can You Teach in China with a Criminal Record?

Want to teach in China but have a criminal record? Here’s what the Chinese visa criminal record check means for your application.
teach in taiwan without tefl

Can You Teach in Taiwan without a TEFL certification?

Looking to see if you can teach in Taiwan without a TEFL? Here is what you need to know about teaching legally in this awesome country.
teach in taiwan without a degree

Can You Teach in Taiwan without a Degree?

Teaching in Taiwan without a degree isn’t impossible but it is illegal – here’s what you need to know in terms of the degree requirements.
teach in taiwan with a criminal record

Can You Teach in Taiwan with a Criminal Record?

Thinking about trying to teach in Taiwan with a criminal record? As of June 2017 the law has changed – here’s what you need to know.
teach japan criminal record

Can Teachers Get a Work Visa in Japan with a Criminal Record?

Thinking about teaching in Japan with a criminal record? It’s possible but not very easy – here’s where to start and what you need to know.