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The 5 Best TEFL Courses in Prague

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The 4 Best TEFL Courses in China

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Teaching English in Bogota: Pros, Cons, & My Experience

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Online Teaching Tips: 15 Things I Wish I Had Known

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Teacher Review: The Pros & Cons of Teaching for Magic Ears

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How to Find English Teaching Jobs in Italy & When to Apply

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5 Awesome Blog Posts about Teaching English in Italy

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Do You Need a Degree to Teach English in Italy?

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Do You Need a TEFL Certificate to Teach in Italy?

Find out if a TEFL certification is necessary to teach in Italy and how having one can make your job search easier and salary better.
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Can You Teach English in Italy with a Criminal Record?

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Can You Teach English in Germany without a Degree? Yes – Here’s How.

Germany does not require English teachers to have a degree but does require something else – click to see what you need to teach legally.
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The 5 Best TEFL Courses in Thailand

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Transferring Money from China: Your Options Explained

Sending money home from China doesn’t have to be complicated – here are your best options for keeping as much of your money as possible.
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Teaching in China as a Primary School Teacher: What It’s Really Like

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VIPKid Just Turned 5 – Here’s What They Have Planned for the Future

Can you believe VIPKid is 5 years old? Current teacher Luis walks us through how they celebrated, their history, and what they have planned for the future.
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Can You Teach English in Mexico without a Degree?

Mexico doesn’t require teachers to have a degree – here is what you need to know and what they do require to teach legally.
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Magic Ears Props

Magic Ears recommends you use at least 2 props in your classes – here are 10 of our favorites that can be used for different ages & abilities.
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China Teachers: Here’s How to Link Wechat and Your Bank Card

Wechat might be one of the greatest apps ever and it can make your time in China much easier – here is how to link it with your bank in order to make payments easier in the mainland.