15 Awesome Teacher Bags to Help You Stay Organized

by | Oct 13, 2017 | Teaching ESL

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One of the best things about being an online teacher is the freedom to pack up and work from anywhere! Whether you are teaching from a villa in Bali or an apartment in NYC, it’s important to be able to gather all of your things and go. Trying to transport a ton of loose items or having to carry multiple bags at once is frustrating, don’t put yourself through the stress! Make sure you have yourself the perfect teacher bag for your day!  Finding the best bag is an important decision and here are the things to consider on your search!


What to consider when looking to purchase the perfect teacher bag?

A tote bag is known for being spacious. Make sure you don’t settle for anything less than something that will go over and beyond what you will need to carry on a regular basis. Teacher tote bags should definitely account for extra space for anything additional you may want to carry with you. I once bought a tote bag that was too small, please don’t make that same mistake!

Tote bags for teachers need to remain dry so climate is something to definitely consider as well. If you are in a place known for being wet like the Pacific NW, then definitely consider getting a waterproof teacher bag. Nothing worse than a wet computer so make sure your tote bag has a zipper to avoid water damage. Teacher bags come in all different materials as well so make sure whichever you choose, it is a durable fabric. The inside pockets are something also to consider. Make sure you have enough various compartments for all your belongings as well!

Teacher bags are an accessory every teacher must decide on at one time or another. The good news is that the best teacher bags are just a couple scrolls away. Look no further, below are the 15 best teacher bags on the market!


15 Best Teacher Bags

Teacher BagLength x Width x HeightBuy
Lakeshore File Folder Teacher’s Tote
14" x 5" x 10"Check Prices
Personalized Teacher Tote Bag with Mesh Pockets
20" x 4" x 14"Check Prices
SCOUT Uptown Girl Tote Bag
16" x 5.5" x 12"Check Prices
Teacher Peach Micro-Canvas Tote Bag
13.5" x 5" x 13.5"Check Prices
Teacher Peach "Words to Grow By" Teacher Tote Bag

20" x 6.5" x 12"Check Prices
Teacher Peach "Teachers Rock" Canvas Tote Bag
8.7" x 6.9" x 0.7"Check Prices
Gray Stripe Tote Bag by White Elm
6" x 6" x 13"Check Prices
CHICECO Basic 14-Inch Laptop Work Tote Bag
20" x 6.5" x 12"Check Prices
ECR4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart
16.5" x 15" X 16"Check Prices
Handmadecart Leather Messenger Bag

4" x 3″ x 10″Check Prices
Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote
18.25" x 15.5" x 7.5"Check Prices
N. Gil All Purpose Organizer
18" x 13" x 8"Check Prices
Canvas Tote Bag For Women

14.5" x 15.5"Check Prices
Triangle Tote Bag "The Libra"
15" x 5.5" x 12.5"Check Prices
School Smart Canvas Large Washable Tote
16" x 17" x 3.25"Check Prices

Lakeshore File Folder Teacher’s Tote 

Staying organized just got easier with the Lakeshore File Folder Teacher’s Tote. Strong enough to hold several files and folders, this tote bag is reinforced with a metal frame to make it even more convenient. It is not meant for heavy-duty luggage but it is capable enough for carrying most office files and documents you may need to take home for processing. There’s a label holder for you to place your name and details in case it ever gets lost. There are also several extra pockets where you can place important everyday supplies like markers and scissors. Not only is the shape solid and convenient, a long handle helps you carry it around comfortably. It is cheap and flexible enough to be your daily companion for carrying essential documents around to wherever you may need them.

Personalized Teacher Tote Bag

This personalized teacher shoulder bag is one of the best values for money when considering tote bags to buy. The best part is that you can have your name or desired personalization beautifully stitched on the bag. This makes it a heartfelt gift for a loved one. It is made of highly durable 600-denier polyester and is protected by a strong zipper on the main compartment. The long 29-inch shoulder straps are soft, yet durable enough to carry several pounds of weight easily. With four options of personalization to choose from, you can have this in over ten different colors and even an extra 13-pocket organizer for just $10 more.

SCOUT Uptown Girl Tote Bag 

This stylish modern tote bag comes in several bright colors that fits any lifestyle in a functional way. With many patterns to choose from, the Uptown Girl Tote Bag comes with four outer pockets that can be help you organize many small items, two on each side. Most people choose this tote bag because of the durable all-weather woven fabric that it’s made from. You can clean it with or without soap and even use it in the rain because it is water resistant. Never worry about it the straps falling off, the handles contain grommets that keep it locked in to carrymost of your personal effects.

Teacher Peach Micro-Canvas Tote Bag 

This is a perfect gift for teachers that is made from micro-canvas. There’s more than enough room to carry books, shoes and anything else you can throw into it. This Peach micro-canvas tote bag is multifunctional with several pockets, organizer and even a special compartment that holds water bottles and your smoothie jar. Carrying the micro-canvas peach bag for long periods is convenient with a long flexible strap that allows up to 15 inches of drop height. Teacher Peach is also socially conscious, each bag including an inspirational quote about the awesomeness of teachers and a 10% donation to a fund that provides for teacher-led projects that help educate children.

Teacher Peach “Words to Grow By” Teacher Tote Bag 

This Teacher Tote Bag is a large comfortable work bag that carries everything you could need for work including a medium-sized laptop or even a picnic. The tote bag is about 20 inches wide and 12 inches high, more than capable for every-day activities and even work. One of the favorite features of the Teacher tote bag is the beautiful and colorful design motif on the side. You can even pick out many words of wisdom on the bag in bright colors against the black of the tote bag. There’s a secure zipper to keep all the content from slipping out. A long adjustable handle also stays put on your shoulders whenever you are on the move.

Teacher Peach “Teachers Rock” Canvas Tote Bag

This “Teachers Rock” canvas tote bag is a fantastic idea of you want to give gifts to the teacher in your life for their retirement or even as a just-because gift. The canvas bag is in an elegant black-and-white pattern that has a strong bottom to hold purses, books, folders and even lunch boxes. The quote on the side “Teachers rock the world” is especially true with this tote bag. It is strong enough to take on the world, a shoulder strap that won’t break and a zipper closure that keeps things in place perfectly whether you’re going to the beach or the classroom.

Gray Stripe Tote Bag by White Elm

When it comes to versatility and functionality, White Elm is one of the best brands for tote bags. The Aquila is a classy 16-in long tote bag that can be used to carry laptops, baby supplies and even school and be used as a gym bag. No need to worry about your content getting damaged, the environmentally-friendly vegan leather bottom is sturdy enough to hold your possessions. There are even seven outside pockets to hold small items and help you stay organized. The Aquila is also easy to clean, made of soft canvas, and also has a motivational quote inscribed on it in beautiful stylish lettering.

CHICECO Basic 14-Inch Laptop Work Tote Bag 

Every woman loves a sassy carry-on tote and this is one of the best values for money you can buy. This is a modern take on the classic tote, premium colors in navy blue and brown leather or an all-black ensemble. You can find plenty of room for all your books, folders, cables and chargers and even a 13-inch MacBook laptop. The inside of the bag is lined with luxurious-looking Burgundy material and fits right in any boardroom, dining room or classroom. Most people who love this tote bag love the interior keychain strap that reduces the stress of looking for keys. The Oxford Nylon fabric is smooth, weather-resistant and equipped for most daily circumstances.

ECR4Kids MemoryStor Universal Rolling Cart 

The Universal Rolling Cart is easy to assemble and is a convenient way to move things around. With the organizer bag, you get more than 46 unique storage pockets that are secured with zippers and closures. This set is perfect for professionals who need to move tools on the go. Strong and large enough to fit most items, there’s a telescopic handle that lets you move the cart around quite handily. Perfect for teachers and school administrators, allowing you carry up to 25kg of stuff around. The durable plastic wheels also increase the ease of use, making this the perfect companion for stashing away the most important and urgent things to you.

Handmadecart Leather Messenger Bag for Men and Women

This vintage leather bag is produced using the best and 100% authentic goat leather. For a handmade product, the bag looks like a premium professional accessory that fits right at home both in personal or professional settings. The soft leather satchels outside are great for holding small items, the brass buckles also give it a nice look. The interior is lined with strong back canvas that offers protection to your laptops, books and any other things you can carry with this. Handmadecart does not compromise the quality of this bag in any way, making it a perfect gift for either men or women.

Vera Bradley Women’s Get Carried Away Tote 

The Vera Bradley’s “Get Carried Away” tote is designed to be a lightweight tote that can be functional as a work bag or a travel pack. With a secure zipper included to keep all your stuff intact when on the go, you can even fit this under an airplane seat during your travels. Available in nine different vibrant color designs, the bag has six inside pockets include two that are lined with plastic. Never fear about comfort with the padded shoulder straps that guarantee utmost whether you are travelling or going for a picnic or even work. Convenient as a daily bag for all your regular stuff and with enough pockets for all the other things you want to keep close.

N. Gil All Purpose Organizer

This nice shoulder tote bag is light enough to fit into a purse when not in use but large enough to be your preferred shopping or overnight bag. You can use it for crafts and as a great organizer. With more that 4 covered pockets for you to arrange all your items in it. Carrying this tote bag is convenient with well-padded double handles that drop about 14 inches, making them highly durable. If you want a gift that suits all occasions for that special lady, this is a great, stylish choice.

Canvas Tote Bag For Women 

If you are in need of cool, functional gift for your friends and family, this canvas tote bag is an excellent choice. Available in many design options, the canvas tote is secured by a drawstring. It is made from soft breathable cotton textile fabric that will not peel off or fade over time. The canvas tote is also easy to wash with a little soap. Large enough to carry groceries, diaper supplies and even office files and manila folders. This canvas tote bag can also be delivered in a beautifully gift-wrapped package with a personalized note for any occasion or event.

Triangle Tote Bag “The Libra”

This beautiful tote bag comes in two colors, blue and gray and a creative pattern that is sure to stand out wherever you are. With ample storage space in the main compartment, you have additional eight pockets to arrange your property on your way out. The leather handles are durable and made from environmentally-safe vegan leather. The thick cotton canvas exterior ensures a steady shape when holding your things. It is great for traveling, as a teacher’s bag or even for your laptop and work folders. Your possessions will also be kept safe by the solid zipper closure.

School Smart Canvas Large Tote Bag

The School Smart heavy-duty tote bag is an extremely versatile carry-all that is perfect as a student or teacher’s companion. As large as 17 inches across, it is one of the comfortable tote bags in the market. The fabric is washable and can be cleaned in a washing machine without much fuss. Strong enough to carry a laptop and several folders and school supplies. It maintains its shape even after several machine washes, the heavy-duty cotton might shrink a bit but it is durable. You can use it for shopping, diapers or any other purpose comfortably. It looks good, more premium than its price suggests and is guaranteed to last long.


Finding the perfect teacher bag is an important decision for any teacher. One can easily forget some of the things to consider when investing in such a decision. Luckily, we have these 15 tote bags to choose from because with them we have everything we need!

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